2nd AustralAsian WorldTurboJugendDays: Day 2. The Balls, Drop B Sharps (Dr. Colossus), Wolfpack, Garlic Nun, The Dirty F Holes (QLD). The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne. 06-03-2020.

Words Mark Ireland.
Photos 3 Chord Images.

Turbonegro have some of the most loyal fans in the world. They have their own gang called Turbojugend, with chapters all over the world. Over four days in Melbourne, three venues celebrated all things Turbo. It started at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar on Thursday night, the party continued at The Bendigo Hotel Friday night, and will finish at The Spotted Mallard. That’s a lot of love for Turbo!

Friday night’s gig at The Bendigo had five killer bands playing dirty punk and metal. Coming down from Brisbane, The Dirty F Holes, slayed the crowd. What made them stand out was the skronking horn player. Lead singer Chucky jumped off the stage into the crowd like a possessed preacher in the pulpit. This was a good indication on what was to come. Continue reading

COCKNEY REJECTS, Wolfpack, The Clinch. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 23-10-2019.

Words Mark Ireland.

It’s only taken the Cockney Rejects 40 years to make it to our shores, and last night they definitely made up for their absence.

Local Oi punks The Clinch, knocked the crowd around for a couple of rounds, with their gang vocals and anthems such as ‘Common Goal’ and ‘Our Path As One’, they gave the crowd what they wanted.

Wolfpack are one of the few bands around that walk the walk and talk the talk, they sing about political issues and they stand up 100% for what they believe in, they are a 100% not for profit band and all their earnings go to animal charities. They have a brutal hybrid mix of metal and punk, a bit of kick one, two to the head and guts. At the end of the set I felt match fit for the main act, bounce on the toes, take off the gloves, a few deep breaths and I’m ready to go again. They finished off their set with the Judas Priest classic ‘Breaking The Law’.

The Rejects kicked off with ‘Someone Like You’, which has strong working-class themes like rejection from society, and isolation. It’s songs like this that have kept the Rejects relevant for 40 years, because they sing about the common man, and they live like common people, no pretense whatsoever. Continue reading

DAY IN THE DUST 2016. FMX – BMX – SKATE – ROCK. Margaret River, WA. 06-03-2016.

Photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch.

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MISFITS, Coffin Carousel, Wolfpack. Max Watts, Melbourne. 11-12-2015.

Words Callum Doig.

Misfits Australian Tour 2015Thirty eight years after their debut into the world of the underground scene and with numerous lineup changes, Misfits still remain one of the most influential and recognisable names to punk and metal music. They’ve been frequent visitors as of late, with their last two tours taking place in 2011 and 2014, and it seems that they wanted more from the Australian fanbase before the year ended. Joining them this time for the Melbourne show were local acts Coffin Carousel and Wolfpack.

Opening up the stage were punk trio Wolfpack, the 100% non-profited group. Even though they were given a forty-five minute set, the trio weren’t picky and kept it towards the thirty minute mark. Wolfpack later announced that they’ve managed to raise $18,300 for animal welfare and that they were performing the next night at the same venue with The Exploited. They pulled in a good crowd, being the first act of the evening, and received some great responses from the audience as they thrashed out a number of fast-paced tracks throughout their spotlight onstage. Continue reading

Wolfpack ‘Seen Not Heard’ Album Launch, Scalphunter, Bob Gordon’s, Yob Mob. Ya Ya’s, Perth. 24-10-2014.

Photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch.

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Corrosion Of Conformity, Wolfpack. The Reverence, Melbourne. 26-07-2014.

Words Jackyboy
Photos Sally Townsend

Last Saturday started like any other since I began working bar. After being fired twice this year from shitty jobs working for shitty people, my brother threw me a bone and put me on as Bartender Extraordinaire in the boozer he’d built out of left over furniture from the last tenants. I’d hit the lights and started ‘my wax on wax off’ routine on the tables when my phone went off. Corrosion of Conformity were playing, and there was a press pass up for grabs if I could get down to The Reverence and cover the story. I was so stoked I nearly barfed!

Hurled through Saturday night city traffic by a taxi, I pondered on what kind of COC would be playing that night. Their first release ‘Eye for an Eye’ was out in 1984, influenced by the rise of American hardcore over the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. You can hear the punky ferociousness of Black Flag and Bad Brains, mixed with the doomy riffs akin to Saint Vitus and Pentagram. The 30 years that followed had been full of triumph and test; hiatus, a line-up change, commercial success, a Grammy Award nomination, another hiatus, and another line-up change. COC’s story has been tumultuous.

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