Why DEAD is the most underrated band on the planet + ‘We Won’t Let You Sleep’ Album Review.

Words Anthony Moore.

The first time I heard DEAD I was blown away. In terms of sheer brute force, weight and the volume of their sound, it’s huge! Melvins x 10 plugged into Slayer’s wall of Marshall stacks, you know, if they were real. They also continue to blow me away in a lot more ways as time goes on. It’s been 6 years this month since I first heard them, which was seeing them live supporting the Hard-Ons at The Tote, and since then, I’ve gotten to know the guys and have a deeper understanding of their music and where it comes from. It’s completely pure, unintentionally awesome, inspired, uncompromising, relentless, driving, and unashamedly their own beast. I could keep going. They continue to make solid kick arse music that’s completely honest to who they are and what they believe in. Continue reading

DEAD ‘Captains Of Industry’ Album Review.

Words Joel Parnell.

DEAD - Captains Of IndustryThe first thing to be said about DEAD is that they make an unGodly amount of noise for a band with 2 members and no guitar. Having seen them live a couple of times I can vouch that they well and truly back it up in the flesh as well as on record. It’s that sheer, monolithic volume where you can actually feel the vibration from the bass drum punching you in the sternum with every off-kilter slam of the drummer’s foot. The tiny hairs on your arms and face stand to attention as if awe-stricken by the deep hum and brooding swell of the muff afflicted bass guitar. The conventional addition of an electric guitar simply isn’t needed here. There’s no room.

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