FROWN, Whitehorse, Watchtower, Sewercide. The Tote Hotel, Melbourne. 03-03-2016.

Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

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WATCHTOWER ‘Radiant Moon’ EP Review.

Words Joel Parnell.

As the first blob of sludge drenched riffery makes it’s appearance in opening track ‘Radiant Moon’, my heart shudders with anticipation as my sensory perception adjusts to the unmistakable sound of DOOM.

Melbourne Doom Metallers WATCHTOWER read like a page straight out of The Unholy Book Of Iommi Worship. Huge stoner rhythms carry Nico Guijts pained soaked, growling vocals like a 30ft tall, grim as fuck juggernaut from hell. Clocking in at a casual 9:04 minutes, ‘Radiant Moon’ is a slow burning descent into the abyss that’s perfect for a night in with that filthy, psychotic whore Mary Jane.

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DOPEFEST: Horsehunter, Hydromedusa, Spacebong, Hobo Magic, Watchtower, Elbrus, DEAD + loads more! The Tote, Melbourne. 14-03-2015.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

Even on paper, this list of bands kicks arse, loud and up close being sprayed with beer and sweat is a whole other level of awesome. Some of Australia’s strongest stoner / sludge / doom bands took over The Tote for DopeFest and owned it completely. Every band impressed and threw out headlining sets but it needs to be said that Horsehunter had the packed out main band room eating out of the palm of their hands within the first few strums, Noosa’s Hobo Magic have stolen the hearts and souls of everyone in Melbourne, Hydromedusa and Spacebong blew minds… the list could go on. Massive shout out to Michael Harutyunyan from Horsehunter for putting the day together and we all hope it’s the first of many. It was a massive success!


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Motherslug ‘Three Kings In Darkness’ Launch, Clagg, The Ruiner, Watchtower, The Superguns. The Tote, Melbourne. 31-05-2014.

Words Anthony Moore
Photos Sally Townsend

Motherslug’s launch for Three Kings In Darkness has been one of the most anticipated Melbourne launches for some time. Their following is growing and the line up five deep, all headliners in their own right.

Stoner metallers The Superguns kicked things off. They’ve got a drive, passion and determination that all bands should aspire to. Like a runaway roadtrain they have a refusal to never slow down and show all that they deserve the stage they stand upon, and this night was no different; stoked to see another kick arse set.

Watchtower are another hyped up band that everyone’s talking about and deservedly so. Heads rocked in unison as a slow steady doom enveloped the room. They’ve got the kind of unrelenting and uncompromising sound that A Clockwork Orange would have loved for their torturing eyeball aversion therapy scene. Continue reading