POWER TRIP, Shackles. The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne. 28-09-2018.

Words Mark Ireland.

Going to a Power Trip gig was like being set into a battle zone with nothing but a water pistol to protect yourself. Support band Shackles pulverised the crowd up first by body slamming them into the floor and then continued to round house them for 40 minutes or so.

For their inaugural trip to Australia, Power Trip made a very lasting impression on Melbourne.

They’ve released two albums, Manifest Decimation and Nightmare Logic, they played one or two songs from Manifest but most of the set consisted of tracks from Nightmare Logic. The bands style of classic thrash (Metallica, Sepultura and hardcore punk Unsane) in my opinion is why they’re so popular, they wear their influences on their sleeves proudly. Continue reading

BEASTWARS ‘The Death Of All Things’ Album review + Aust / NZ Tour dates.

Words El Jefe.
Photo Damian McDonnell.

Beastwars. Every now and then a band comes up with more than just a name, but something that more than aptly describes them as well. This outfit is one of those bands. The first time I caught them live, their hellish power just absolutely blew my fucking head off. Often described as sludge-metal, but to my ears there’s also some heavy doses of Am-rep noise-rock in there. The dissonant feedback drenched guitar brings to mind bands like The Laughing Hyena’s and Unsane, as well as the way in which they use dynamics. Matt Hyde’s huge voicebox also, cannot be denied. These elements are driven forward by a potent and totally unstoppable engine-room.

The Death Of All Things is the newest LP from Beastwars, following up the epic Blood Becomes Fire and is no doubt very eagerly awaited by their fans. With the lumbering ‘Call To The Mountains’, they lay their cards on the table, and dare us to stay for the ride. ‘Devils Of Last Night’ showcases the monstrously fuzzed out bass rumble. Continue reading