Two Headed Dog, The Dirty Earth, Introvert, Elbrus. Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne. 22-08-2014.

Words Ian Hawkins


On a Friday night I stepped into one of Melbourne’s numerous small venues, and I immediately found myself swirling in the psychedelic freak out of ‘Whole Lotta Love’. Ok, maybe it wasn’t as good as actually watching Led Zeppelin, but nevertheless; Whole Lotta Love is a classic rock themed bar, executed well.

It can be a challenge to fit everything one needs for a good venue into a small room, but nothing feels too cramped or compromised here; just a nice small venue.

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Hell Crab City, Powerline Sneakers, Drifter, Two Headed Dog. The Old Bar, Melbourne. 18-09-2014.

Photos Sally Townsend
Words Anthony Moore

This gig was set to be an awesome night from the outset; with Hell Crab City making the trek down from Sydney and featuring past and present members from The New Christs, Panadolls, Jim Cobain, The Men from UNCLE, Platinum Brunette and Fruitworld and joined by Melbourne’s Powerline Sneakers featuring Sly Faulkner (Splatterheads) and John Nolan (Powder Monkeys, Bored!) with flannelcore legends Drifter and rockers Two Headed Dog.

Massive thanx to the line up as well as all the punters that came down and the rockinest pub in town, The Old Bar.

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GRINDHOUSE, Two Headed Dog, Long Holiday, The Underhanded COMING UP at The Bendigo Hotel!

grindhouse_bendigo_6jan2014DESERT HIGHWAYS & SINGING BIRD STUDIOS present:

The sexually misguided outlaws of garage punk, Grindhouse, are back and ready to corrupt The Bendigo on Friday 3rd January! They’ve been smashin bottles and breakin hearts from Freddie’s fowl house to Frankston Mall. Grindhouse are joined by hard blues psych rockers Two Headed Dog, alternative ‘90s grungers Long Holiday and grunge stoners The Underhanded. The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood.

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