EARTHLESS (US) Aust/NZ Tour Dates, Supports and more!


“The true heirs of the great power trios of the past such as JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, CREAM and early GRAND FUNK RAILROAD.” – Rock Hard

San Diego psych heavyweights Earthless – who hit Australia and New Zealand late February – have announced the support acts for their upcoming tour, and it’s a killer bunch of groups, meaning every show is  gonna be loaded with heavy and heady psychedelic and hard rock greatness. Continue reading

FILTHFEST 2017 – Horsehunter, Dark Horse, Moon, Religious Observance, Doubled Over, Wood Of Suicides, Cascades, Kollaps, Old Love, Grudge!, Wrong, Christcrusher. The Tote, Melbourne. 25-02-2017.

Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

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CHILD Album Launch with Holy Serpent, Grim Rhythm. The Tote Hotel, Melbourne. 27-03-2015.

Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

Melbourne stoner blues rockers Child have been blowing minds for some time and it’s so awesome to finally see them with their name on vinyl. Blending stoner, rock and soulful blues the bleeds from the heart, Child’s music is made to be heard on vinyl.

They’ve just kicked off their launch tour with a gig at The Tote Hotel in Melbourne with Holy Serpent and Grim Rhythm, check out the photo gallery from Sally Townsend Photography below.

Child are playing the Crowbar with the recently signed to Desert Highways stoner groovers, Hobo Magic, as well Frown and Black Deity; and Hermann’s Bar in Sydney with Los Hombres Del Diablo, Witchskull and The Neptune Power Federation. Check the poster for dates or Facebook event for more info.

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SEEDY JEEZUS Album Launch with Sun God Replica, River Of Snakes, TTTDC. The Tote. 20-03-2015.

Words Justin Tawil.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

The line-up Seedy Jeezus put together for their launch was thematically cohesive, yet still diverse enough to the point that every single set was putting forward something fresh, so as to consistently provide something exciting throughout the night.

Opening act TTTDC were notably individual in their amalgam of groove and progressive rock, characterised by their drummers remarkable ability to incorporate wild and complex beats into their super sludgy riffs. A visually interesting set as well, having their two bald, bearded guitarists rocking Les Pauls facing each other from either side of the stage with a raging drummer in the middle soaking up the marvellous lighting setup that was provided for the entire night.

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DOPEFEST: Horsehunter, Hydromedusa, Spacebong, Hobo Magic, Watchtower, Elbrus, DEAD + loads more! The Tote, Melbourne. 14-03-2015.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

Even on paper, this list of bands kicks arse, loud and up close being sprayed with beer and sweat is a whole other level of awesome. Some of Australia’s strongest stoner / sludge / doom bands took over The Tote for DopeFest and owned it completely. Every band impressed and threw out headlining sets but it needs to be said that Horsehunter had the packed out main band room eating out of the palm of their hands within the first few strums, Noosa’s Hobo Magic have stolen the hearts and souls of everyone in Melbourne, Hydromedusa and Spacebong blew minds… the list could go on. Massive shout out to Michael Harutyunyan from Horsehunter for putting the day together and we all hope it’s the first of many. It was a massive success!


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CALLUM’S CHANCE – Battle Axe Howlers, Sun God Replica, Drifter, Peeling Sun. The Tote, Melbourne. 07-11-2014.

Words Andie Fitzpatrick.
Photos Sally Townsend.

Callum’s Chance, featured the combined muscle of Battle Axe Howlers, Sun God Replica, Drifter and Peeling Sun. A kick ass line up of some of Melbourne’s finest on the scene in order to raise money for Callum Bloomfield-Judd, a four year old boy recently diagnosed with stage four Neuroblastoma (Cancer in layman’s). Bands and organisers donated their time to put on this impressive event, with the money raised going towards experimental treatment that has the potential to save Callum’s life. A more worthy cause I struggle to think of, and if you skipped it, balls to you!

Opening the night was Peeling Sun. The influences here are readily recognisable with their slightly more polished, sludge reflecting stoner gods Kyuss combined with the classic metal of Black Sabbath. They have the feel of a newer outfit sorting their style. It will be interesting to see how these guys develop their sound. A quick duck out to the Tote Courtyard for a snag (yes readers, there was a freakin’ BBQ), smoke n raffle like the days of old, and what’s that you smell in the air? Ahhh yes.. Seems like people are prepping for the next band, Drifter. Continue reading

DOOMSDAY FESTIVAL: Windhand, Beastwars, The Ruiner, Clagg, Sumeru. 05-10-2014. The Tote, Melbourne.

Words Dan McDougall.
Photos Sally Townsend.

I like the doom scene. For a guy who has spent most of his musical career surrounded by intense thrash and death metal bands going to a doom show is such a relief. What I find to be the biggest point of difference is that thrash bands spend all their time crafting intricate and incredibly fast riffage, while doom bands spend all their time trying to get the most devastating guitar tone imaginable. And boy was that on display on this fine Sunday afternoon. I got there a little late so I missed the first band (Sumeru) unfortunately, but many good things were muttered about them in the front bar, the most notable being that the front man was doing his best Phil Anselmo impression and doing quite a good job of it. That gets two thumbs up from me straight away. Continue reading

BREWTALITY 2014. The Tote & The Bendigo Hotel’s. 02-08-2014. Part 2.

Words Alexandra Ferrier
Photos Matt Allan – Silk Imagery

It was that time of year when music lovers congregated yet again to share, support and spread their love of all things metal and rock, as well as dapple in the likes of chilli chocolate beer. Events such as Brewtality still frequent Melbourne, the city built on rock and roll. And the turn out and appreciation from punters for these kind of events will never fail to astound me. The mini metal festival, complete with a mental lineup, included the likes of local legends Bugdust, Dead City Ruins, Don Fernando and Frankenbok, as well as brothers from other mothers Lizzard Wizzard and Chainsaw Hookers. Running between The Bendigo Hotel and The Tote, the setting was perfect for a day and night of debauchery, for where else to have such an event than two bars equally notorious as the bands they housed.

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BREWTALITY 2014. The Tote & The Bendigo Hotel’s. 02-08-2014. Part 1.

Photos Daniel Oh – Criminal Indifference

33 bands
3 stages
2 venues

Proudly sponsored by The Good Brew Co, HEAVY Mag and Desert Highways…

Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, worked, drank, laughed, and went a little crazy! It was a great success and sold out! Please check out Part 1 of our posts below, a photo gallery from Daniel Oh.

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HIGH TENSION ‘Death Beat’ Album Launch. The Tote. Fri 15-11-2013.

Welcome to the first post on our blog. We will be posting about things of course related to the Desert Highways label, roster and store but also gigs that we go to, releases that impress us and news that we just have to share.

The first review is of an album launch we attended a few weeks back now but the line up was just so damn good we had to share.

High Tension Death Beat Album Launch posterHigh Tension ‘Death Beat’ Album Launch.
Fri 15th Nov, 2013. The Tote.

Words Anthony Moore
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

High Tension, Hoodlum Shouts, A-Gender, Captives.

Whether intended or not, it was genius to have High Tension’s album launch at The Tote on the same weekend as the Face The Music conference. It was hard not to run into people who were there including members of other bands, media, PR and more.

It’d been suggested to check out Tassie band Captives and everyone who was there were stoked they did. Captives opened up with a blazing set of early Glassjaw style post-hardcore. Emotion with attitude, solid hooks and absolutely loads of guts.  These guys have only played around eight to ten gigs so far and are already a force to be reckoned with. The job for any opener is to play such a massive set that they’re hard to follow and every punter leaves the gig talking about them. That’s exactly what happened. Continue reading