SOLACE ‘The Brink’ Album Review.

Words El Jefe.

Solace could be considered the Rolling Stones of the stoner/doom/metal/hard rock genre. They’ve led a sporadic existence for close to a quarter of a century, released a couple of absolute killer LP’s and had a career path carefully speckled with inactivity, break-ups and more drummers than you can count amongst other hilarious adventures. I also seem to recall they had put the band up on blocks permanently a few years (?) back, so the arrival of The Brink came as something of a surprise to me. Guitarist Tommy Southard has been the constant, along with partner in crime, frontman Justin Goins whose powerhouse larynx is a signature tone to the Solace sound, and if you have a listen to the brutal howls he can rip from his tonsils on a tune like the maniacal Cement Stitches, you’re gonna get a clear view of how he is integral to the bands’ output. Continue reading

BRANT BJORK, Holy Serpent, Don Fernando, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 13-05-2017.

Words Mark Ireland.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

Stoner legend Brant Bjork has been a frequent visitor to our shores, so when his tour was announced, all the desert rats come out in droves. Before the show at The Corner, Bjork had already played Negative Waves in Geelong and Cherry Rock at Cherry Bar. Along for the ride he bought Holy SerpentDon Fernando and Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene.

It’d been a long time between beers since I’ve seen FTFDS so I made sure I was front and centre. As soon the riff for ‘Better Off Dead’ kicked in I was pinned to the wall. The unique thing about this band is the three part harmonies, it gives the performance incredible strength. They finish off with the sludgiest version of ‘Facing The Ruin’, by the end of the set my heart was in my throat and my ears were blasted, did I care? Not in the slightest. Continue reading