THE MEANIES, The Pink Tiles, Suss Cunts. The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne. 01-07-2017.

Words Mark Ireland.

During the ’90s Melbourne had a thriving all ages band scene, and the kings of that scene were The Meanies, they realised that punk rock was not just for adults but for everyone of all ages, everywhere they played there was total chaos, but not in the malicious sense, it was more unbridled energy kind of chaos.

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ELLA HOOPER, Kira Puru. The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne. 18-05-2016.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Stephen Boxshall.

© Stephen Boxshall 2016.For me, there are a select few musicians that can cut through anything their band is playing with their vocals, and shine like rays of light through storm clouds to bring a slice of heaven to a room. In Melbourne, think Adalita, Amaya Laucirica, Rich Davies, and on this night at The Gasometer Hotel, we were lucky enough to have Ella Hooper.

The launch is for New Magic, the “90s tinged swirling pop piece” follow up to last years heartbreaker EP, Venom. It feels like the whole idea of the new EP was to create something that could be played first and foremost live. With the creation of a new band and a month long launch by way of Wednesday residencies, and with an eclectic mix of supports, it’s a great way for punters to experience these songs for the first time.

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Tumbleweed, BRUCE!. The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne. 13-11-2014.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

Melbourne was lucky enough to have Wollongong legends Tumbleweed down for a long weekend of gigs kicking off with two headline shows with BRUCE! at The Gasometer, Collingwood and heading up River Rocks at The Barwon in Geelong. These are the first out of town gigs since the very sad passing of Weed bassist and much loved Jay Curley. Huge respect and love from all of Melbourne.

BRUCE! kicked off the two band line up with their usual sense of style; black uniforms name tagged with BRUCE!, thick fuzzed out Hulk-like riffs with the strength of ten Iommi’s and kick arse harmonies only outdone by bassist Luke Armstrong’s hoarse growls that would make Nick Oliveri cower in the corner.

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