The Bob Gordon’s ‘Straight Hedge’ Album launch with Scalphunter, The Dark The Light, Blackwitch, Dead Set Dead. The Causeway Bar, Perth. 19-12-2014.

Words and Photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch.

The Bob Gordons - 'Straight Hedge'It was the album launch for Perth’s drunkest punk brats The Bob Gordon’s. Due to a sudden lack of venues in Perth, The Causeway has opened it’s doors to bands and between the brightly painted wall mural, pinball machines and pool tables there was a fun vibe to the venue.

Before the first band had gone on I had people telling me to go home, not because they feared what awful crap I might write about them or what derp faces I might capture this time with my camera, but because I apparently looked “devastated” due to getting food poisoning about 20 minutes before the show started. If nothing else this meant I actually sat on my ass and watched most of the show, rather than having the camera permanently in front of my face while losing count of how many times I’d been asked if I’d thrown up yet. Band boys, they’re classy! Continue reading