BRANT BJORK, Holy Serpent, Don Fernando, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 13-05-2017.

Words Mark Ireland.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

Stoner legend Brant Bjork has been a frequent visitor to our shores, so when his tour was announced, all the desert rats come out in droves. Before the show at The Corner, Bjork had already played Negative Waves in Geelong and Cherry Rock at Cherry Bar. Along for the ride he bought Holy SerpentDon Fernando and Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene.

It’d been a long time between beers since I’ve seen FTFDS so I made sure I was front and centre. As soon the riff for ‘Better Off Dead’ kicked in I was pinned to the wall. The unique thing about this band is the three part harmonies, it gives the performance incredible strength. They finish off with the sludgiest version of ‘Facing The Ruin’, by the end of the set my heart was in my throat and my ears were blasted, did I care? Not in the slightest. Continue reading

KADAVAR, Child, Mt. Mountain, Elbrus. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 28-04-2016.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Stephen Boxshall.

© Stephen Boxshall 2016.When German long-haired fuzz rockers Kadavar last toured Australia, it was in 2013 as part of what turned into being a massive double header with Sweden’s Blues Pills. The buzz for both bands even before they hit was already huge and then as soon as they left, Australia was already eagerly awaiting their return. In Melbourne we were lucky enough to see them perform four shows over as many days and people are still talking about. Fast forward to 2016 and Australia is once again blessed to see Kadavar on our shores.

Cross Town Traffic wasn’t playing on the car stereo on Saturday night but was in my head as I stumbled haphazardly through side streets trying to evade capture on the main roads in an unexpected Saturday evening gridlock. Although it didn’t swallow me whole, it did unfortunately mean that I missed seeing Elbrus opening up the night at The Corner Hotel. Continue reading

KING PARROT ‘Dead Set’ Album Launch with High Tension, Colossvs. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 16-05-2015.

Photos Daniel Oh – Criminal Indifference.

King Parrot – ‘Dead Set‘ Australian Album Launch Tour.
May & June 2015
With special guests High Tension and Colossvs.
Tickets selling fast!
Album Pre-Order Bundles with tickets available here:

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CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 04-04-2015.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

© 2015. Adam Russ - Right Eye Media Australia.I walked out of venue at the end of the night thinking ‘what the hell am I going to write about this gig?’ Some bands transcend description, some sounds can’t be grouped in with their peers or predecessors, and some don’t deserve to be dissected and explained. Chris Robinson Brotherhood showed that it doesn’t matter if at times the world can be a bit grey or if someone steals your hat and runs away; music and passion is the key to make you smile.

However, in case you don’t know them, I’ll try to throw you in the general direction of the vibe of the room. If you chopped up some Black Oak Arkansas and blended it with the Grateful Dead, a little of the complexity of Zappa and rolled a giant spliff using CCR papers, you’d be blowing The Corner Hotel out with some good ol’ Chris Robinson Brotherhood. They’re a blend of blues and southern rock with some well stretched out psych jams throughout.

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Torche, Child, DEAD. 18-10-2014. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

There are so many amazing bands out there that sometimes the ones we should be obsessing over just fall through the cracks. For me, Torche was one of those bands. After only previously hearing a very small portion of their catalogue and about them from some of those around Melbourne, it was evident the gig was definitely one to attend. Plus the local contingent was a solid reinforcement.

First up were DEAD who I could review without even needing to be there. They’re a favourite Melbourne staple and I’ve caught them loads of times, but I’ve also never seen them play a bad set. Although one thing that does change is just how kick arse they are. The guys keep building on the strong foundation of what they’ve always had and are going from strength to strength, which is great to see. For a two piece that play as one though sound like 10, they have become even tighter and more powerful and with Dav Byrne mixing, these guys were even way more massive than usual. Continue reading

Bombino. The Corner Hotel. Sun 12-01-2014.

Bombino-NomadWords Anthony Moore
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia

Omara ‘Bombino’ Moctar has already lived what seems to most a life that could only be seen in the movies. Born in the West African Tuareg encampment of Tidene, Niger, he and his family were forced to flee to Algeria in 1990 after the outbreak of the Tuareg rebellion. It was here he learnt to play guitar after a visiting relative left one behind. Continue reading