MMW: CIVIC SOUNDS LANEWAY FESTIVAL – Regurgitator, Nai Palm, RVG, Ro, Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers, The Bennies, The Cherry Dolls, Bec Sandridge, Destrends, IV League, The Grogans, Batz, DPRS – Democratic Peoples Republic of Surf. Cherry Bar, AC/DC Lane, Melbourne. 18-11-2018.

Words Mikaelie A. Evans.
Photos Zo Damage.

Opening up AC/DC laneway as a part of Melbourne Music Week, the infamous Cherry Bar plays home to this year’s Civic Laneway Festival. Hosting a diverse variety of some of our cities finest bands, the venue has organised a set-up catering to the diverse line-up, with the inside stage adorning its regular velvet red backdrop, the outside stage boasts a similar rock n roll aesthetic.

On the outside stage, DPRS (AKA Democratic People’s Republic of Surf) began the day with their soothing surf melodies, welcoming the early arrivers into the festival with their catchy summer tunes. Following on are Batz, with front-woman Christina Albury flipping off her bandmates for arriving late. Their garage-disco melodies sweep our feet into motion, as we groove across of the laneway’s heating concrete.

Leading us inside with their catchy grunge openers, The Grogans take to the Cherry Stage with high energies as the three-piece supercharge us into the early afternoon. Outside, IV League channel their contagious choruses through the amplifiers as punters begin to congregate under the sunshine to experience their performance. Continue reading

TEX PERKINS & THE APE, British India, Adalita, Harts, The Cherry Dolls. The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne. 26-01-2015.

Words Jackyboy.
Photos Michelle Bateman – Shellbound Photography.

I don’t frequent St Kilda. I’m not keen on travelling far from my inner northern self-proclaimed utopia, but all hipster hyperbole aside, when I do go to St Kilda, I go for the great gigs. Amongst the back packers, junkies and prostitutes, St Kilda has some of the best venues Melbourne has to offer, and that mild Australia Day afternoon The Prince Bandroom beckoned my commute, featuring household names of local rock‘n’roll new and old.

A few minutes before doors and there’s a small crew waiting to get in. They look barely out of high school, but then neither do the opening act. The Cherry Dolls take the stage shortly after everyone is let in and a drunken posse from the balcony spill out into the room. Two girls explode from the pack and dance with unbridled enthusiasm. The Cherry Dolls play loud but look self conscious, they all have long hair and have taken meticulous efforts to look the part yet they don’t seem all that convinced themselves. The lead singer spends more time fidgeting with his outfit and cracking private jokes with his band mates than he does addressing his audience. Towards the end of their set they get it together, their sound goes from Stones to Sabbath and they rock out hard. The Cherry Dolls show real potential when they engaged, and after starting last year have headlined Ding Dong Lounge and made a foothold for some exciting gigs coming up this year.

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