MMW: CIVIC SOUNDS LANEWAY FESTIVAL – Regurgitator, Nai Palm, RVG, Ro, Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers, The Bennies, The Cherry Dolls, Bec Sandridge, Destrends, IV League, The Grogans, Batz, DPRS – Democratic Peoples Republic of Surf. Cherry Bar, AC/DC Lane, Melbourne. 18-11-2018.

Words Mikaelie A. Evans.
Photos Zo Damage.

Opening up AC/DC laneway as a part of Melbourne Music Week, the infamous Cherry Bar plays home to this year’s Civic Laneway Festival. Hosting a diverse variety of some of our cities finest bands, the venue has organised a set-up catering to the diverse line-up, with the inside stage adorning its regular velvet red backdrop, the outside stage boasts a similar rock n roll aesthetic.

On the outside stage, DPRS (AKA Democratic People’s Republic of Surf) began the day with their soothing surf melodies, welcoming the early arrivers into the festival with their catchy summer tunes. Following on are Batz, with front-woman Christina Albury flipping off her bandmates for arriving late. Their garage-disco melodies sweep our feet into motion, as we groove across of the laneway’s heating concrete.

Leading us inside with their catchy grunge openers, The Grogans take to the Cherry Stage with high energies as the three-piece supercharge us into the early afternoon. Outside, IV League channel their contagious choruses through the amplifiers as punters begin to congregate under the sunshine to experience their performance. Continue reading

4:20 SUPER SMOKE OUT with The Bennies (with DJ SnesMega), Mesa Cosa, Curse OV Dialect, Weedy Gonzalez, Big_Rimz420. The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne. 20-04-2015.

Words Joel Parnell.

A cloud of smoke hovered over The Bendigo Hotel on the night of April 4th as The Party Gods smiled on the benevolent creatures gathered inside and chucked shakkas in approval of what was going down.

No, the bathroom had not been set on fire again. The occasion was to be marked by something far more righteous: The Bennies 420 Super Smoke Out!

First off I’ve got to say that I completely missed opening hip hop act Big_Rimz420. The Metro train system had failed me and I arrived a few minutes after they’d finished. Sorry guys, I’m sure you were sick. Next time.

The band with the coolest name ever, Weedy Gonzalez, set an ominous tone as they took the stage amid candle-lit amps and a haze of eerie green fog. As the band burned slowly through such doom laden classics as ‘Song 2’, ‘Song 4’, ‘Song 3’, ‘Song 1’ and the brand new ‘Song 5’, great wofts of pungent smoke billowed from deep in the crowd, setting off the venues seemingly redundant smoke alarms. Spliffs were shared openly between audience and band until all I could see was a blur of smoke and green lights. Despite having only played a handful of shows, Weedy G are tight as a nuns vajayjay and have quickly garnered a reputation as one of Melbourne’s most solid troops of smoked out doom-mongers. Keep an eye on this bunch.

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