2nd AustralAsian WorldTurboJugendDays: Day 2. The Balls, Drop B Sharps (Dr. Colossus), Wolfpack, Garlic Nun, The Dirty F Holes (QLD). The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne. 06-03-2020.

Words Mark Ireland.
Photos 3 Chord Images.

Turbonegro have some of the most loyal fans in the world. They have their own gang called Turbojugend, with chapters all over the world. Over four days in Melbourne, three venues celebrated all things Turbo. It started at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar on Thursday night, the party continued at The Bendigo Hotel Friday night, and will finish at The Spotted Mallard. That’s a lot of love for Turbo!

Friday night’s gig at The Bendigo had five killer bands playing dirty punk and metal. Coming down from Brisbane, The Dirty F Holes, slayed the crowd. What made them stand out was the skronking horn player. Lead singer Chucky jumped off the stage into the crowd like a possessed preacher in the pulpit. This was a good indication on what was to come. Continue reading

Baron von Weasel presents THE SINGING BIRD SESSIONS featuring Australian Kingswood Factory, The Balls, DevilMonkey, Sordid Ordeal. Album Review.

Words El Jefe.

So the Baron has concocted a plan – four bands covering each other’s tunes, fifteen tracks in total, and all recorded in a time warp. Or maybe Singing Bird Studios over two days. Anyway, the results have been handed to me to dissect!

Australian Kingswood Factory. ‘Tragedy’ (not the Bee Gees tune!) opens the album, and it’s a pacey rocker, with some great vocals. A really great, catchy, riffrock slab o’ thunder. Frenetic playing, and total drive that slays this one! ‘Behaviour Modification Systems’ is the next offering from AKF, a quirky kinda instrumental, that kinda left me cold. ‘Citizen’ sees a return to the rock’n’roll realm. ‘Wake In Fright’, a film whose sooty heart makes Wolf Creek look like a Disney-Pixar production is probably deserving of a dirty rock song. So here it is, and a fitting aural tribute too!

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