SYREREGN ‘Skabt Værk Består’ Album Review

Words El Jefe

Hailing from Denmark, Syreregn have been around in some form or another since ’06 ripping it up with their brand of late ‘60s / early ‘70s riff rock. Skabt Værk Består is their newest LP, and is chock full of awesome riffs, great vocals, and some excellent playing. Not the ‘technical wizardry’ type of playing mind you, but that killer style of rock’n’roll that tears through the soul and leaves you believing.

The title track kicks the LP off, and Syreregn waste no time in showing us that while they may not be from the ‘70s, they sure as shit love their musical roots. There’s light and dark, and the driving bass riff holds it down while the guitar and organ fill out the song, adding the flourishes to colour and expand it when needed. Continue reading