DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL. Flemington, Melbourne. 11-03-2019.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Zo Damage.

After a hit movie, making the sequel usually comes with a lot of extra pressure to perform and live up to the standards of the first. With Download Festival, add onto that the even greater pressure of taking over from where Soundwave left off in the heavy music category, and the comparisons it will bring being at the same location with similar lineups. From gates opening though, Download (the sequel) looked certain to be a hit at the ‘box office’. Continue reading


Words Jackyboy.

DragonforceThe reigning kings of Power Metal, UK’s DragonForce, return to Australia for Soundwave Festival. Jackyboy had a chat with front man Marc Hudson about international touring, weird food and what it was like replacing original vocalist ZP Theart.

Jackyboy: You guys are in Australia soon for Soundwave Festival, and you’ve played Soundwave before, what’s your experience been like touring Australia?

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Words and interview Jackyboy.

ConfessionConfession are a Metalcore outfit from Australia who are set to play Soundwave Festival in a couple of weeks. Jackyboy caught up with frontman Michael Crafter on the old days, the band changes, the new record and the tour.

Jackyboy: Since the early 2000s you’ve been playing in bands such as I Killed The Prom Queen, Carpathian, Bury Your Dead and your current band Confession; have you noticed any big changes in the Australian Metalcore scene over the years?

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DINO CAZARES (Fear Factory) Interview.

Interview Dave Mullins.

Fear FactoryFear Factory have been a staple of death metal since the early ‘90s. One of the most influential and pioneering acts of heavy metal throughout their career. They’re coming to Australia for Soundwave 2015. I had the chance to talk to their guitarist, Dino Cazares about their music, influences and coming to Australia.

Dino Cavares: Hello.

Dave Mullins: This is Dave from Desert Highways.

Dino: Dave, how you doing?

Dave: Really good man, how are you?

Dino: I’m doing great, I’m just here in California and I am on the phone doing interviews, for a few hours. Continue reading

DON FERNANDO – Main CLUTCH support Syd / Melb !!

We’re extremely proud to announce that Desert Highways very own Don Fernando will be the main support for Clutch for the Sydney and Melbourne sideshows as part of their upcoming Australian Soundwave tour. Clutch is a definite favourite of ours and the band and we’re really stoked Don Fernando will be a part of what is set to be an amazing tour! Clutch have a massive history of solid releases and their latest Earth Rocker is undoubtedly one of their best!

The tour is presented by Weathermaker Music and Wildfire Agency who we’d like to give a shout out to for their support.


2/20/14: Sydney, Australia @ The Metro – TICKETS
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