EL COLOSSO ‘Pathways’ Album Review.

Words Mark Ireland.

Immediacy is the first word that come to mind as soon as the track ‘Doom Boogie’ drops first on the El Colosso album, Pathways. Its relentless riffs never let go, vocalist Matt Cooper is an absolute powerhouse monster of a singer, reminiscent of all my favourite singers from the last 20 years; Layne Staley, Chris Cornell and a million other in between his pitch and range are out of this world, he holds the words in such taut tight control, that you become breathless in awe.

The single ‘Leatherhead’ is a perfect first release, its groove heavy rhythm will have you punching holes in the walls and screaming with ecstatic pleasure.

‘The Hunted’ just pulverises your ears until a river of blood is flowing.

The title track ‘Pathways’, has more ridiculously heavy riffling that entrances you so deep that not even a trained hypnotist could wake you up! Continue reading

Bob Casale – DEVO. RIP.

Bob CasaleThere are a few bands and people that I can count on one hand that really and truly changed my perception of what creativity and individuality are all about. Devo fit easily into that category. I was introduced to them by a friend a few years older than me that lived down the street. I can still remember hearing them for the first time with part of me saying what the hell is this and the other part just in absolute awe of their sound. Devo didn’t fit into anything I already knew. They were unique with abstract themes. Their music, lyrics and outfits were out there and it was truly awesome. Devo will always be at the top of my list of favourites and today’s news is sad of yet another musical legend passing. I’d like to raise a glass to ‘Bob 2’ and thank him (and the rest of the band) for being able to take the crazy out of their heads and record it for us to listen to forever. Rock In Peace, Bob Casale. Continue reading