DARK MOFO: Jónsi + Alex Somers + the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra ‘Riceboy Sleeps’. Federation Concert Hall, Hobart.15/06/2019.

Words Will Oakeshott.
Photo Credit: Dark Mofo/Jesse Hunniford,2019.
Image Courtesy Dark Mofo, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Photo Credit: Dark Mofo/Jesse Hunniford, 2019. Image Courtesy Dark Mofo, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.First and foremost, it is essential that this writer admits and forewarns the readers interested, that there is an abundance of bias in the following article; it must be revealed that Sigur Rós are unquestionably an outfit that have enhanced myself and my adoration of music for well over a decade. The grand textures of soundscapes employed in their incomprehensibly genius post-rock sound that miraculously transports the listeners’ senses to other universes and, most importantly, the outstanding indecipherable vocals that capture emotion so flawlessly without utilising English – it is honestly paralysing in the best way possible.

The voice and integral part to this astronomical Icelandic outfit Jónsi has also released music outside of Sigur Rós, one such project with his partner Alex Somers simply entitled Jónsi and Alex. Through this artistic venture came the creation of their book and soundtrack Riceboy Sleeps – a record which eludes what was known about Jónsi and to be forthright, not particularly well. However, time has tested this creation and it has aged well, like a fine wine one forgets about. On its 10 year anniversary, it almost seemed necessary to have it performed abstractly and through a different medium, not in its acoustic rendition as originally created, but a far more “grand” scale and at arguably the best festival in Australia, Dark Mofo. Continue reading

AQUAMAN Movie Review – Palace Nova Eastend, Adelaide.

Words Will Oakeshott.
Thank you to Palace Nova Eastend, Adelaide.

According to an interview with Metal Hammer Magazine, Aquaman star Jason Momoa revealed that he utilised music by Black Sabbath, Metallica’s ‘Kill ‘Em All’ album and Tool’s Ticks And Leeches to inspire him to become the character Arthur Curry and superhero. Upon reflection, these sources of motivation became rather evident throughout the film; it’s hard-hitting, bullish, wandering and a little bizarre.

The film is unquestionably the “introduction” to Aquaman and director/movie story cowriter James Wan has maintained a comic book authenticity with this project which is both remarkable and a bit corny to the film’s atrophy – do not become dismissive though, there is a lot of fun in this 140-minute-plus extravaganza.

It is very much a multi-player story, certainly the focus is Arthur Curry, his beginnings and birth into a multiverse existence (so to speak) as the son of Atlanna, The Queen Of Atlantis (Nicole Kidman) and humble lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry (Tempera Morrison). Logically, it progresses to Arthur’s discovery of his powers and subsequent training by Nuidis Vulko (Willem Dafoe) then obligation to protect both worlds he grows to become a saviour for and in terms of Atlantis, the King. Continue reading