HIGH ON FIRE ‘Electric Messiah’ Album Review.

Words Sally Townsend.

Let’s start off by saying, Matt Pike: 2018’s Man Of The Year. In addition to the surprise Sleep record that dropped in April, it’s been quite a year!

Where the Sleep album The Sciences is a heavy, hypnotic journey back to stoner doom’s roots, High On Fire’s Electric Messiah is the opposite end of the spectrum. High On Fire is like the impossible to ignore, in your face, obsessed with death and destruction relative. Full of fury, the relentless riffs, punchy bass from Jeff Matz and punishing drumming from the underrated Des Kensel, Electric Messiah is non stop from start to finish. Continue reading

THE DAMAGE REPORT – Day 1: Holy Serpent, Swidgen, TTTDC, Dead Root. The Old Bar, Melbourne. 03-03-2017. PART 2.

Words Mikaelie A. Evans.
Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

365 days make an entire year and even for extremely enthusiastic punters, 365 gigs in one year seems excessive and unlikely to be an achievable goal… Especially when they’re a different gig every. damn. day… But against any doubt that it wouldn’t be possible, Melbourne-based photographer Zo Damage went all out for an entire year and even broke herself into the Guinness World Records.

In celebration of her 10th year since becoming a published photographer, Damage has produced an intimate look into a year of Melbourne’s live music scene and the community that makes it. Continue reading