DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL. Flemington, Melbourne. 11-03-2019.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Zo Damage.

After a hit movie, making the sequel usually comes with a lot of extra pressure to perform and live up to the standards of the first. With Download Festival, add onto that the even greater pressure of taking over from where Soundwave left off in the heavy music category, and the comparisons it will bring being at the same location with similar lineups. From gates opening though, Download (the sequel) looked certain to be a hit at the ‘box office’. Continue reading

RISE AGAINST, Dan Cribb & The Isolated. Amplifier Bar, Perth. 07-03-2015.

Words Dave Mullins.

Rise AgainstWhen U.S. band Rise Against announced that they’d be doing their one and only solo show in Australia just a week in advance, the people of Perth rejoiced. These days it’s rare for a band to tour Perth at all, let alone single the city out for such an event. While fans in other cities protested at having to pay $170 for a ticket to watch them support Foo Fighters, fans in Perth were lucky to get tickets at all; they sold out within 5 minutes.

Continue reading