BATPISS ‘Biomass’ Album Review.

Words Justin Tawil.

Batpiss are arguably one of the most consistent bands in both performance, and how they sound on record. The bands first full length Nuclear Winter never aged or sounded stale regardless of the absurd amount of times I listened to it, and first impressions of the new album makes me think I’m going to have a similar experience with this one.

There are some slightly different flavours thrown into Biomass, however that tried and true unrelenting, powerful grungy sound that Batpiss are known for rings on throughout the album. That said, the slow grooves of Heavy Smoke followed by the massive doom sounds on Pulling Out provides a drastic change of pace to the album, shining a light on their darker sound.

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Meanies, Batpiss, Clowns, Flour. The Hi-Fi, Melbourne. 21-10-2014.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Josh Harper – Downtown Tracks.

The Meanies are like part of the furniture in the Australian music scene. Well when I say furniture, I mean something that’s been around for ever and every time you sit down in your favourite chair you can’t help but get pissed, jump around like you’re still a teenager in the mosh and laugh when you get kicked in the head from stage divers. You know; that type of furniture. They’re celebrating their Silver Jubilee! 25 years of being rock royalty in the sticky carpeted pubs of Australia and that’s what brought everyone to the Hi-Fi in Melbourne on this night, MEANIES MAYHEM!

Flour opened up the night. Their name intrigues me. If they named themselves after something everyone should have in the cupboard, then they’ve nailed it. They sound like they’d be sharing the stage with the Hitmen, Celibate Rifles, Hellmenn and Lime Spiders and be included on seminal underground compilations that fed the ‘90s alternative scene and allowed it to become what it did. Flour’s songwriting style and sound has a familiarity to it that welcomes you in yet still manages to throw you unexpectedly on your arse. Absolutely impressed! Continue reading