THE BRONX, High Tension. The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne. 31-10-2018.

Words Mark Ireland.
Photos Stephen Boxshall.

Tonight’s gig was always going to be special not only was it Halloween but it was the 15th Anniversary of The Bronx touring Australia. Unfortunately I missed Private Function but from all reports they smashed it out of the park.

High Tension recently released their third album Purge, so their set was a good mix of new tracks as well as classic tracks from Death Beat. The whole band dressed up as members from King Diamond, which was suitably apt for Halloween. As High Tension’s career has progressed they’ve only gotten heavier. Tonight’s set vocalist Karina Utomo really did seem to evoke Satan on stage. She has got one hell of a voice and the rest of the band complement her presence, especially Lauren Hammel whose drumming was like a pounding migraine that pulsated through the skulls of everyone that was present. Continue reading


Words Dave Mullins.

There are very few punk bands that have had the kind of success that Pennywise has had. They are one of the most successful independent punk bands of all time, with over 3 million records sold worldwide. Their 1995 album, About Time, launched them into the hearts and minds of an entire generation and the album went gold in Australia. Pennywise decided to mark the 20th anniversary of the album with a tour of Australia which starts in late September. Dave Mullins had a chat with bassist Randy Bradbury about the album, the tour and what it’s like to tour with some of the best punk bands in the world.

Dave Mullins: So it’s the 20th Anniversary of About Time, the album has obviously been hugely important to fans of the band, and punk music in general. What are your thoughts on the legacy that Pennywise has?

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