GREENLEAF ‘Hear The Rivers’ Album Review.

Words El Jefe.

Sweden, a country that has produced some of the greatest rock’n’roll known to man in the past couple of decades, and is showing no sign whatsoever of letting up. Thank fuck. The Awesome Machine, The Hellacopters, Truckfighters, Silver Devil just to name a few. Purebred rock’n’roll, one and all. Which brings me to Greenleaf. They began as a side band for Tommi Holappa of Dozer, but in 2009, in the wake of Dozer announcing their hiatus, Greenleaf climbed into the driver’s seat, dropped the clutch and hit the road albeit with Tommi being the only constant member throughout their existence. Their recent tour of Australia was also an excellent showcase for what a behemoth these guys are. So now, several LP’s later, released with an almost frightening regularity brings us to Hear The Rivers, yet another epic collection of tunes by Greenleaf.

‘Let It Out’ kicks things off with a stomping drumbeat, and a snarl of over-distorted bass soon follows. Tommi’s guitar and Arvid Hällagård’s vocals link the whole shebang together. Continue reading

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH ‘Mount The Mountain’ Album Review.

Words Adam Cooper.

When I was asked to review four-piece Melbourne dirt rockers Mammoth Mammoth’s new offering, Mount The Mountain, I was pretty chuffed. Having shared the stage on quite a number of occasions (and a few beverages) with these maniacs, I consider them good mates. Then I thought, “Aw man, what if it sux”? Luckily, this was not the case.

When I first heard the band a few years back, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a hybrid of Motorhead, Cosmic Psychos and Rose Tattoo. They’d been described to me as a stoner band in the past and although I hear elements of that (Black Sabbath), it’s definitely not my go to thought when I hear Mikey (vox), Cuz (guitar), Pete (bass) and Bones (drums) doin’ their thang. It’s a riff fest sure. Rifferama if you will. Mount The Mountain being no different.  Continue reading

THE ANSWER ‘Solas’ Album Review.

Words Mark Ireland.

The album Solas by The Answer is the pinnacle of a tumultuous time for the band. They’d just finished a huge tour of the US and the lead singer Cormac Neeson was in a creative slump, he’d been pushed to the limit, so much so he didn’t think he was able to produce another album.

As well as the creative problems, his wife had just given birth to a boy who had been born prematurely, so this album is a deeply personal journey not only for the band but the audience as well.

The opening track and title song ‘Solas’ has an incredible build, you can imagine the band playing on top of a mountain with no one else around, the swirling echo’s of guitar  entwine the listener into a serpentine state.  Then it drops like a parachute jumper with no chute pure velocity, it is a fantastic opening track. Continue reading

BRANT BJORK And The Low Desert Punk Band ‘Tao Of The Devil’ Album Review.

Words El Jefe.

So it’s no secret that Kyuss have had a massive influence over the heavy / stoner / desert rock (whatever you want to call it; stoner works for me) scene since their inception in the late ‘80s. Tuning down to C, (although Homme claims he wasn’t familiar with Sabbath. Yeah, I’m skeptical too), and playing laidback heavy grooves. Garcia’s vocals were a huge part of the sound and influence, but it was Brant Bjork’s influence on Garcia that led to this vocal style; during Garcia’s audition suggested he try to sing slower and sang him an example. Bjork also hand a large hand in the songwriting. The rest is (musical) history.

‘The Gree Heen’ opens the ledger on Tao Of The Devil, and kicks off with a slick melodic droney run. Some jazzy drums are a cool touch too. Continue reading

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH ‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ Album review.

Words Jackyboy.

There are records out there that will engross you from the first listen. There are records out there that give you a taste but leave you bewildered. You don’t know what it is, but you like it. Maybe you hate it. Maybe it makes no sense to you why the fuck anyone made this record and why you just wasted 42 minutes of your life listening to it.

And then there is the record that gives you everything and asks for nothing in return. Mainlined sonic satisfaction. The band knows you. They know what you want, almost better than you know yourself. It’s subjective, it’s random and when it happens it’s like voodoo, black magic and conspiracy at the same time.

I got a hold of the new MAMMOTH MAMMOTH record, and it rang my bell.

Continue reading


Interview Jackyboy.

It’s been a wild ride for Melbourne’s home grown rockers MAMMOTH MAMMOTH! From gigs that were so nuts they were banned from venues to European tours. The band are about to release their forth record and second album on Napalm Records (Germany). Jackyboy had a chat with the lads.

Jackyboy: Mammoth Mammoth’s fourth record is on its way. What was your experience like in the studio?

CUZ: We were really happy with the last album so we recorded the new one the same way. We recorded at Goatsound (Melbourne) again and Jason PC produced again. We wrote all the songs in about 4 weeks and then hit the studio. We have a pretty swift way of working. Usually Mikey turns up just in time to do his bits and Pete shows up late having not slept from the night before. Bones and I usually swing by a 7-Eleven and buy a shitload of BBQ Shapes and that’s basically how we do it. The only difference this time around was that we wrote and recorded about 16 songs and picked the best to go on the album.

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