PBS 106.7FM Radio Festival 2020 Presenter Spotlight – Shock Treatment with Kev Lobotomi

PBS 106.7FM are currently promoting their PBS Radio Festival 2020: You Can’t Stop The MusicYou can join up or renew your annual PBS membership, or simply make a donation via the PBS website (until Sunday May 31), during the station’s biggest online and on air fundraiser of the year. Tune into 106.7FM to catch tales from PBS’ past, cherished memories, guest appearances and your favourite PBS presenters sharing their thoughts on the many, many benefits of being a PBS member including, of course, a treasure trove of prizes.

PBS Radio Festival 2020: You Can’t Stop The Music
Monday May 18 – Sunday May 31
#PBSRadioFestival #YouCantStopTheMusic

To join and for the full list of daily prizes or to head over to https://www.pbsfm.org.au/

We thought we’d do a couple of presenter spotlight’s during the festival, this second one is with Kev Lobotomi who does Shock Treatment on Wednesday’s from 8pm – 10pm. Desert Highways loves listening to this show! Kev is a great supporter of all music, but gives local music a massive push and the support it needs and deserves. We’ve been lucky to have music we’ve released through the label played on his show on numerous occasions.

The Radio Festival is vital to PBS to keep it functioning as we know and love it, to keep it moving forward and especially at this time, as they’re moving to a new premises very soon! If you’re a paid up member, well done! If you haven’t quite gotten there yet, please do so right now HERE!  For more links, please see below the Q&A. Continue reading

NIGHTSTALKER ‘Great Hallucinations’ LP Review.

Words El Jefe.

So it’s been quite a few years since I picked up Dead Rock Commando’s by Greek band Nightstalker, and subsequently purchased several more of their LP’s. So let me tell you something, when it comes to the dirty rnr thang, Nightstalker are as reliable as beer and pizza on a Friday night. Or any night for that matter. And at thirty odd years old, they are still just as dedicated to Rock Action as ever.

Some rolling feedback and a curt, martial drumbeat kicks off the opening track, ‘Black Cloud’, on Great Hallucinations. Drenched in overheated fuzztone guitar, and frontman Argy’s distinctive pipes, they quickly lay the groundwork for the hotbed of rock and roll to come, and the slow-burn of ‘Sweet Knife’ only serves to sweeten the pot. Gentle melodies eventually give way to some chunky riffing to wind the tune out. Continue reading

El Colosso – Not Drowning, Touring… Part 1 of 4…

We’re lucky enough to have Koops, El Colosso vocalist, submitting a tour diary while they’re away on their European tour. We wish them all the best! Thanx Koops and El Colosso! – Ed.

In another few days the band that I sing in – El Colosso – is traveling to Europe for its first international tour. First tour of anywhere, actually. We haven’t toured Australia yet, apart from a few gigs in Ballarat, Bendigo and Frankston.

We’re heading off to play twenty-odd shows in thirty-odd days, promoting our debut album Pathways, taking in Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, France and Spain. It’s a tour that doesn’t just involve a crap-ton of money and a big flight to get there, but also a kind of leap-of-faith to remove ourselves from our families and jobs and commit to really living rock and roll every night for more than a month in a different city every day, in rooms full of perfect strangers, 14,000 kilometres away from everything we know.

Not fucking fantastic being away from our families though. In truth, that totally sucks.

Preparing for the tour has been a lot of work, but huge fun. We’ve not just stepped up rehearsals for the many weeks leading up to it, we’ve also been preparing new songs for our next record. AND we’ve also had the opportunity to play at The Forum, supporting South African band Seether. How many times have we all been at that venue and dared to dream of one day playing there? We were like kids in candy stores. Or just like the big bloody kids we really are playing at the Forum! But the new album is written, we are super-tight with our tunes, and all that remains is for us to get there and show a different part of the world what we can do. Continue reading

TRUCKFIGHTERS, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, Them Bruins. Prince Bandroom, Melbourne. 09-01-2016. Post #2.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos + live footage Barry Takes Photos.

© 2016. Barry Takes Photos.Swedish fuzz-rockers Truckfighters never stop touring. They were only last here a year ago with sold out shows and Australia doing what we can to adopt them as our own. With another successful run of dates in 2016, it was Melbourne’s turn to once again completely lose their shit over the Truckfighters! Continue reading

MONSTER MAGNET ‘Milking The Stars: A Re-imagining of Last Patrol’ Album Review.

Words Ian Hawkins.

The cosmic space lords Monster Magnet are back, breaking their regular three year orbit to release Milking The Stars: A Re-imagining of Last Patrol, just one year after their previous album Last Patrol.

The bands mastermind Dave Wyndorf has stated that the record is a return to the roots of Monster Magnet, but rather than a step backward, Milking the Stars has one foot in the old and the other firmly in the new. For those who aren’t familiar with Monster Magnet, there was a distinct shift on their record Dopes To Infinity from the earlier, darker and more cosmic Hawkwind worship to a contemporary hard rock sound, much more structured and rigid. Last Patrol is the first album in 18 years not to feature guitarist Ed Mundell (also of The Atomic Bitchwax), the shoes being filled by Garrett Sweeney. Continue reading