ZIPPER DOWN UNDER – ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ Charity Event! Cherry Bar, Melbourne. 02-01-2016.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

The attacks that took place in Paris and especially at the Bataclan on the evening of November 13, 2015 was very close to home for a lot of us. I and a lot of my friends from all around the world go to see Eagles of Death Metal whenever they’re in town. It could’ve been any of us killed. Friends of ours know people that were at that gig and although one of them was shot, they luckily survived. Many of them did not. The scars of all of the Paris attacks run very deeply, as they do with events like this that happen throughout many countries daily. The attack at the Bataclan seems so far removed from everything that Eagles of Death Metal are all about; Peace, Love and Death Metal. Continue reading

DRIFTER ‘Violent At Altitude’ Album Launch with River Of Snakes, Battle Axe Howlers, Low Fly Incline. The Old Bar, Melbourne. 10-01-2015.

Words Justin Tawil.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

A seemingly unending sea of flannies and mullets is what consumed The Old Bar on this sweaty Saturday night. The bill was loaded with bands who bust out sweet riffs on the reg and can throw down a shred or two; a fitting line up for Drifter’s ‘Violent At Altitude’ album launch.

The two-piece outfit of Low Fly Incline kicked the night off with some red hot riffs. It was an excellent sight to see the drummer’s extremely excitable self blasting out some monster beats while still keeping it tight. When a band in the opening slot kicks this much ass you know you’re in for a top notch gig. Continue reading