BISMUT ‘Retrocausality’ LP Review.

Words El Jefe.

So Dutch band Bismut were a completely new unit to me prior to this but a live stream of ‘Obscuramento’ piqued my interest. Long songs, no vocals, played by a power trio who seem to have locked horns in some kinda deranged psychic rehearsal room cage match. Last man playing wins the jackpot! A serious project to undertake, I’d say.

Retrocausality is, as you’d expect from the premise, a hefty, liquid soundscape. Each track is finely crafted, and the band themselves can play like absolute motherfuckers, and throw into the cauldron some red-hot effects wizardry, you got in ya hands one of the most interesting records of the year. Continue reading

BISMUT ‘Oscuramento’ Video Release.

Oscuramento is the opening track for Dutch progressive heavy psych power trio Bismut’s new album, Retrocausality set for release on the 25th September 2020.

Oscuramento means blackout in Italian, which fits the overarching theme of the record – a dark, non-linear interpretation of time. Recorded live in one take, its ominous and powerful grooves make for a deeply satisfying journey through Bismut’s many musical influences. The video combines Bismut’s recent live rendition of the song for Sonic Whip’s live stream with a visual adaptation of the record’s artwork – which was made by award-winning artist’s Studio Another Day and Maria Dabrowski.

Drummer Peter described his experience of the live stream as follows. “We were on fire, lost in time and space, delivering a superb show. We satisfied our need for flow and showed the world we are a band to be reckoned with.” Continue reading

ROSY FINCH ‘Scarlet’ Album Review.

Words El Jefe.
Band photo Fan Fatal Studio.

In the wee small hours of a glorious Sydney summer (apocalyptic bushfires blanketing the whole country in smoke, followed by torrentially rain causing flash flooding with a predicted plague of flying spiders due to hit any day!) some dark and nasty sludge doom rock could be the ideal soundtrack. So hitting the play button and diving headfirst into the new release by Rosy Finch, titled Scarlet proved to be just the right hue of black.

Embracing all things dark and dirty, this Spanish doom trio, founded by guitarist/vocalist Mireia Porto, with the bass by Elena Garcia have got a serious handle on the nightmarish doom genre. Drummer Lluis Mas ropes the whole shebang together with his thumping beats. Straight outta the gate, this LP brought to mind the band Bottom, whose album Feels So Good When You’re Gone is a purebred classic that stood the test of time and still manages to deliver. Continue reading

RUFF MAJIK – NEW: Clip + review for single ‘Gloom & Tomb’, Art for Tårn LP.

‘Gloom & Tomb’ Review – El Jefe.
Photo Christelle Duvenage Photography.

South African riff-mongers Ruff Majik have revealed the artwork for new album Tårn along with a video new single ‘Gloom & Tomb’. Having recently announced their signing to Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings for the vinyl release of the album and with a couple of European tours already lined up, 2019 is going to be a busy year for the band.

Working closely with long-time collaborator Anni Buchner on the artwork for Tårn (Norwegian for tower), guitarist/vocalist Johni Holiday explains more about the inspiration behind it all, “We chose the image of the tarot tower for this album cover because it symbolizes crisis, liberation and sudden unforeseen change. The band has been going through these motions for a few months now, and we felt it would only be fitting. We handed that over to Anni, and she turned it into magic as usual.” Continue reading

DESERT HIGHWAYS TOP 10 Releases for 2013 & more…

First of all, a massive thanx to all who have supported Desert Highways and to all the bands I have worked with especially The Hidden Venture, Drifter, Don Fernando, Seedy Jeezus and TTTDC. 2013 has been a massive year including the release of the debut Desert Highways 7″ with friends all being a part of its release, Chainsaw Hookers, Electric Frankenstein, Ben Brown and Mr Frumpy.

The below 10 –> 1 list is from my HEAVY Magazine Staff Top 10 Albums for 2013 List, under that I had to add some more as it’s just so hard to narrow things down! Check out the HEAVY link for some more kick arse lists. Some amazing releases amongst them!

Top 10 Releases for 2013. Continue reading