KITCHEN WITCH ‘Earth And Ether’ LP Review.

Words El Jefe.

Born and bred in South Australia back in ‘13, Kitchen Witch are a solid, dirty little stoner-blues quartet, fronted by vocalist Georgie Cosson.

Together they lay down fat and trippy riffrock grooves, and some ripping, fuzz-drenched guitars unleashed by Conor Kinsella. Simon Elliott and John Russo (bass and drums respectively) provide a rock solid backing for these seriously hefty stoner doom tunes.

The songs on Earth And Ether have a deeply eclectic Aussie tone to them as well.

‘Cave Of Mischief’ could provide an excellent soundtrack for when the band is cruising into the Jerramungup Roadhouse for a gig whilst the amazing ‘Sunrise’, with it’s lumbering, behemoth riffs could steam roll the earth with it’s creeping momentous peak. Continue reading

BORRACHO ‘Atacama’ Album Review.

Words El Jefe.

Lumbering, fuzzed-out doom with road-rash vocals is something I love. The riff! All those bastard spawn of Sabbath. And I know in my bones that the power-trio Borracho have the same unwavering love for it that I have. Launching from Washington DC, (right next door to Maryland, and we know the level of STONER/DOOM that Maryland has delivered!) Borracho can really deliver on all fronts when it’s time to bring the heavy too. Atacama is the third full length LP they’ve unleashed, and fine evidence that the party ain’t nearly over yet.

‘Descent’ lurches into the blackest of Sabbath’s with a guitar tone that could rattle ya teeth outta ya head, but it’s also a surprisingly tender instrumental. Bells, some lysergic emanations throbbing in the background and easily serves to set the scene for the rest of the album. Continue reading

MONDO DRAG Self Titled Album Review.

Words El Jefe.

Mondo DragEver wish you were born in a different era? Mondo Drag may not necessarily feel that way, but they certainly wholeheartedly do embrace late ‘60s / early ‘70s music. But this one’s not about heavy metal thunder, much more the mind-warping psych-rock trip out scene.

Mondo Drag’s core members are childhood friends who no doubt discovered their mutual love of psych and prog (and all other things ‘70s, you know, flares, muscle cars and the like) before setting out on this journey. They also recently shifted their base of operations to Oakland just prior to releasing this LP. They have also been fortunate enough to be able to utilise the brilliantly talented rhythm section of Blues Pills for this record.

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CHILD Self Titled Album Review.

Words Joel Parnell.

ChildIf the name of Melbourne blues rock trio Child were to be taken literally, then surely its parents would be Jimi Hendrix and Tony Iommi.

The band’s self titled debut is a gripping display of fuzzed out, blues inspired heavy rock at its finest and drips with raw human emotion. Guitarist / singer Mathias Northway channels B.B. King on the albums opening track Trees with the timeless refrain “Every day I have the blues”. Impressive Hendrix­-esque solos are complimented by classic, sombre vocal melodies made powerful by poignant, whiskey soaked white­boy­ blues wailings.

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SYREREGN ‘Skabt Værk Består’ Album Review

Words El Jefe

Hailing from Denmark, Syreregn have been around in some form or another since ’06 ripping it up with their brand of late ‘60s / early ‘70s riff rock. Skabt Værk Består is their newest LP, and is chock full of awesome riffs, great vocals, and some excellent playing. Not the ‘technical wizardry’ type of playing mind you, but that killer style of rock’n’roll that tears through the soul and leaves you believing.

The title track kicks the LP off, and Syreregn waste no time in showing us that while they may not be from the ‘70s, they sure as shit love their musical roots. There’s light and dark, and the driving bass riff holds it down while the guitar and organ fill out the song, adding the flourishes to colour and expand it when needed. Continue reading

DESERT HIGHWAYS TOP 10 Releases for 2013 & more…

First of all, a massive thanx to all who have supported Desert Highways and to all the bands I have worked with especially The Hidden Venture, Drifter, Don Fernando, Seedy Jeezus and TTTDC. 2013 has been a massive year including the release of the debut Desert Highways 7″ with friends all being a part of its release, Chainsaw Hookers, Electric Frankenstein, Ben Brown and Mr Frumpy.

The below 10 –> 1 list is from my HEAVY Magazine Staff Top 10 Albums for 2013 List, under that I had to add some more as it’s just so hard to narrow things down! Check out the HEAVY link for some more kick arse lists. Some amazing releases amongst them!

Top 10 Releases for 2013. Continue reading