KING PARROT ‘Ugly Produce’ Album Review.

Words El Jefe.
Band photo Rod Hunt.

Melbourne grind core / yobcore legends King Parrot have unleashed their third LP, a character building behemoth called Ugly Produce. The moniker suits the album to a T! It’s a bruising and relentless collection of blast-beats from drummer Todd Hansen, searing guitars and guttural, tortured vocal mayhem.

‘Entrapment’ is used as the launchpad for the sonic time bomb that follows. The two jackhammers fucking rhythmic attack delivers a powerful impetus for the blaze of guitars and Matt Young’s crazed vocal “styling’s”.

Who but an Aussie band could write a tune called ‘Piss Wreck’. Spell check won’t even recognize it as English, but we all know someone who should embrace this song as a personal anthem. It’s a cool song too. Continue reading

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD, Orb. The Croxton, Melbourne. 10-07-2016.

Words Callum Doig.
Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

© 2016 Sally Townsend Photography.We have plenty of Kings here in Melbourne. King Parrot, King of the North and of course, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, who have been making the biggest of killings in Australia’s rock scene. With the release of their eighth full-length masterpiece Nonagon Infinity, the Gizz boys have embarked on a national tour in support of the new record with numerous sold out shows involved, as well as making an upcoming appearance at Splendour In The Grass.

Joining them in their Melbourne shows were three-piece Geelong locals Orb, who gave off quite a unique impression to the audience of how uncontrived they are, just like Gizzard. For what seemed like a long set felt so short at the same time, as Orb had a little more than what most would’ve bargained for. The trio supplied a hard, psychedelic stoner vibe that was quite reminiscent of the likes of what Kyuss would sound like if they slightly based themselves around the Woodstock era. And while Orb are a group entailing three members, their guitarist and bassist showed a little more of their talent by swapping each other’s instruments halfway through the set. Continue reading

KING PARROT ‘Dead Set’ Album review.

Words Dave Mullins.

KP Dead Set 800x800King Parrot have one of the fiercest and most prevailing reputations in heavy music right now. Their wild live shows serve as ‘how-to’ for other would-be metal acts, and their fandom within the Australian music scene is astoundingly inclusive – their appeal seems near-universal, fans emanating from punk, hardcore, metal and every genre in-between. It’s an impressive feat in the age of elitism and internet outrage culture.

Dead Set, the second album from the Melbourne-based metal heads is an interesting piece of work. It encompasses the straightforward, no-fucking-around traits of grind and thrash incorporated into short and intense bursts of mania that typically befit hardcore and punk bands, rather than your typical modern metal acts. And that’s all part of what makes the album so great – it’s short, it’s fast and it‘s unfuckwithable. The beauty lies in that while this album would have felt perfectly at home originating from the Bay Area thrash scene of the 80s, it never feels stale or derivative. The undeniable energy and ferocity of the music pushes past the tropes of its metal roots and gives us a brand new attitude for a familiar sound.

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KING PARROT ‘Dead Set’ Album Launch with High Tension, Colossvs. The Corner Hotel, Melbourne. 16-05-2015.

Photos Daniel Oh – Criminal Indifference.

King Parrot – ‘Dead Set‘ Australian Album Launch Tour.
May & June 2015
With special guests High Tension and Colossvs.
Tickets selling fast!
Album Pre-Order Bundles with tickets available here:

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