2016 TOP 10 RELEASES! Desert Highways staff + special guests from Orange Goblin, Monolord, Pagan / Little Lamb & The Rosemary’s!!

Words Anthony Moore.

There were some amazing releases that come out in 2016, and as with every year, I start out with the best of intentions keeping a list of my favourites as they hit, only to let it fall by the wayside by about March. Yeah I know, it doesn’t last long! So undoubtedly I will forgot lots of great releases from 2016. There’s been the talked about releases like Metallica’s Hardwired… To Self Destruct (which for me has been quite a disappointment, some moments of clarity and power but as whole, it wasn’t the driving force I was hoping for), then there’s been some that have come out of left field that have really thrown me for six and impressed me quite a lot, like Electric Magus Olympus Noms, which is Raul Sanchez (Magic Dirt, River Of Snakes, Midnight Woolf) latest offering through Wild Animals Records. Like with John Frusciante’s solo albums, some sound quite unique and very different to his work with Red Hot Chili Peppers (which is an awesome thing these days!) yet his style and soul still comes through in various ways. Electric Magus is like this for Sanchez compared to his ‘usual’ guitar driven work. It’s totally different yet still somehow connects with me for the same reasons.

I still listen to loads of releases from all around the world, but more and more as time goes on I find myself mainly listening to local bands. Possibly for a few reasons, I like to support local muso’s and friends, it’s possible to see them more live which in turn gets us more stoked on listening back to a band later, and maybe most importantly, there are just so many fuckin incredible bands in Melbourne and throughout Australia that there’s not enough time to sometimes reach out further. Continue reading

Doomed Gatherings, Paris. 18, 19, 20-04-2014.

Photos Sally Townsend

Doomed Gatherings, Paris. 2014.We have some amazing festivals here in Australia but when you compare them to what Europe put on, it’s pretty hard to compete! Desert Highways photographer Sally Townsend had a month of non-stop gigs over April / May with a massive 77 bands in 31 days and attended some of the best festivals in the world including Roadburn (Netherlands),  Doomed Gatherings (Paris), DesertFest (Berlin) and Heavy Days In Doom Town (Copenhagen).

Below are  some of her photo’s from Doomed Gatherings including Windhand (USA), Elder (USA), Inter Arma (USA), Year Of No Light (FR), Huata (FR) and Gonga (UK). Enjoy!

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