WINO ‘Isolation’ (Joy Division Cover) Single Review.

Words El Jefe.

So Wino is a man who really needs no introduction (but here’s a brief one anyway!) when you’re talkin’ heavy rnr. From St Vitus, The Obsessed through to Spirit Caravan and beyond, and his more recent folky acoustic material, he is someone who has always delivered the goods, and never compromised his vision. So a cover of ‘Isolation’ by Joy Division, who also happen to be an old fave band of mine, struck me as an interesting choice. Continue reading

SPACESLUG ‘Eye The Tide’ Album Review.

Words El Jefe.

Taking the journey by ‘slug through this Polish doomscape can prove to be quite an epic trip. Cruising in from the Outer Rim Territories to settle in Wroclaw, and in the wake of stark politico-anarchic punk/rock of ‘80’s brutal communist regime, where skinhead gangs were often encouraged by government agents to attack the punks at gigs, citing them as “enemies of The Peoples’ Democracy”, the broad expanses of this LP are the antithesis of the dark times and violence in Poland’s past. Not sure if there are any remnants of the agro political attack left behind in Spaceslug’s lyrics.

‘Obsolith’, with its dark crusty bass and droned vocals is the first leg of this trip. Spaceslug don’t wanna play 2.5 minute pop songs, and this is no different. 8 minutes of doomy drone. And don’t get any ideas about vocal hooks to latch onto. There ain’t a hook to be heard. Continue reading