POODLE rates RIVER ROCKS line up!

Photos Carbie Warbie.

Melbourne rock icon and gig attending celebrity, POODLE!River Rocks 2015 at the Barwon Club Hotel in Geelong was easily one of the greatest festivals we’ve ever attended; kick arse line-up, loads of mates and in one of the best pubs in Australia. Of course no festival is worth its weight in gold without Melbourne rock icon and gig attending celebrity, Poodle. So once we saw him there we knew shit was going to get crazy! We caught up with Poodle after the bruises started to yellow and we’d given up hope on the broken sunnies that were lost, he gave us his ratings out of 5 for each band he caught at the festival!
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RIVER ROCKS 2015 with Cosmic Psychos, Meanies, Hoss, The Casanovas, Mustang, Legends Of Motorsport and loads more! Barwon Club Hotel, Geelong. 21-11-2015.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos and Video Carbie Warbie.

I was ridiculously attending only my first River Rocks festival at the Barwon Club in Geelong last Saturday. It’s strange how you know some things will be amazing experiences but you have just never been before. 2015 was in fact the 8th River Rocks and it had sold out again, which was to be expected with such a massive line up including Cosmic Psychos, Meanies, Hoss, The Casanovas, Batpiss, Mustang, Legends of Motorsport and loads more.

I arrived before doors and even the empty layout impressed me, there was something in the air already and it felt exciting, like the first few Big Day Out’s in Sydney I’d attended, Alternative Nation, and Summersault.

I was asked to cover the day but I also work with, have worked with or are mates with some of bands on the line up, so it wouldn’t be fair to not state this up front. I will therefore do my best to be completely unbiased and give an accurate account of the day.

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I am Duckeye ‘Commando Too’ Album Launch, Grindhouse, Sierra Leone, Bricks. The Public Bar, North Melbourne. 21-06-14.

Words Matt Haycroft (I am Duckeye)
Photos Daniel Oh – Criminal Indifference

Hi, my name is Matt, not only do I play guitar in I am Duckeye, I also have a full time job and write reviews of live music and albums. So when Anthony asked me to review my own band for Desert Highways, I relished the idea! Firstly for the challenge and secondly, I can tell the truth about how frigging awesome we are. Sure Dad always said “Self praise is no recommendation”, but he hasn’t seen I am Duckeye yet.

This gig wasn’t just another gig, it was a launch for our second album “Commando Too”, an album that we successfully crowd funded. We were graced with some really fun opening acts: Bricks, Sierra Leone & Grindhouse; three bands that any line up would be better for having, and we got the trifecta!

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GrindhouseWe are very pleased to announce our second release on the Desert Highways label! It features Melbourne’s very own sexually misguided garage punk outlaws Grindhouse!

The CD will include ‘Dapto Dazzler’ and ‘Two Dollar Spoof Bin’. The release date and double single launch is Fri 14th Feb 2014 at The Old Bar (Fitzroy, Melbourne) with Don Fernando, Digger & The Pussycats and The UnAustralians. Check out the Facebook event for more details. These tracks are lifted from their up coming debut ‘Sleeping At The Peeps’ which is also to be released on the label. Continue reading

GRINDHOUSE, Two Headed Dog, Long Holiday, The Underhanded COMING UP at The Bendigo Hotel!

grindhouse_bendigo_6jan2014DESERT HIGHWAYS & SINGING BIRD STUDIOS present:

The sexually misguided outlaws of garage punk, Grindhouse, are back and ready to corrupt The Bendigo on Friday 3rd January! They’ve been smashin bottles and breakin hearts from Freddie’s fowl house to Frankston Mall. Grindhouse are joined by hard blues psych rockers Two Headed Dog, alternative ‘90s grungers Long Holiday and grunge stoners The Underhanded. The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood.

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