Why DEAD is the most underrated band on the planet + ‘We Won’t Let You Sleep’ Album Review.

Words Anthony Moore.

The first time I heard DEAD I was blown away. In terms of sheer brute force, weight and the volume of their sound, it’s huge! Melvins x 10 plugged into Slayer’s wall of Marshall stacks, you know, if they were real. They also continue to blow me away in a lot more ways as time goes on. It’s been 6 years this month since I first heard them, which was seeing them live supporting the Hard-Ons at The Tote, and since then, I’ve gotten to know the guys and have a deeper understanding of their music and where it comes from. It’s completely pure, unintentionally awesome, inspired, uncompromising, relentless, driving, and unashamedly their own beast. I could keep going. They continue to make solid kick arse music that’s completely honest to who they are and what they believe in. Continue reading

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, The Flying So High-Os. Forum Theatre, Melbourne. 07-11-2015.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

There’s something that makes me feel youthful when hearing the name, They Might Be Giants. It could be that I first heard them when I was a lot younger, but I think it has more to do with their exuberance and enthusiasm. They bring a level of quirky excitement that most bands don’t and can’t, so finally getting to see them live for the first time made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

There was a lack of needing to check ID’s on the way into the Forum due to, shall we say, the mature age of most of the punters going along to see They Might Be Giants. I include myself in that group, now unfortunately a couple of years on the wrong side of forty. After that was brought to my attention, it was perhaps reinforced a little more when the first band on looked old enough, or is it young enough, to be our children! Opening up the night was The Flying So High-Os; an acoustic guitar clad singer leading a three-piece that made me think of The Clouds and Frente with happy sounding songs about deeper subjects. They had chirpy melodies singing about love, loneliness and I think it was ‘grabbing a rock and beating two birds to death’. You know, the regular stuff. Their Facebook page has their genre as “Hard Folk” and I think that sits well, or maybe Emotional Pop.

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Bob Casale – DEVO. RIP.

Bob CasaleThere are a few bands and people that I can count on one hand that really and truly changed my perception of what creativity and individuality are all about. Devo fit easily into that category. I was introduced to them by a friend a few years older than me that lived down the street. I can still remember hearing them for the first time with part of me saying what the hell is this and the other part just in absolute awe of their sound. Devo didn’t fit into anything I already knew. They were unique with abstract themes. Their music, lyrics and outfits were out there and it was truly awesome. Devo will always be at the top of my list of favourites and today’s news is sad of yet another musical legend passing. I’d like to raise a glass to ‘Bob 2’ and thank him (and the rest of the band) for being able to take the crazy out of their heads and record it for us to listen to forever. Rock In Peace, Bob Casale. Continue reading