Words El Jefe.

Molt starts with a primitive, grinding bassline that creeps outta the speakers, and oozes across the floor. The sound is akin to a huge, lurching monolithic machine that gently crushes all in its path, like some kinda doom-powered Sandcrawler.

Crystal Spiders is a side-side project of Brenna Leath (The Hell No, Lightning Born) who handles the low end, guitar and vocals. Tradd Yancey (Thirsty Curses) beats things with sticks, contributes some vocals and also plays drums in this dynamic duo. The band play some hefty, Sab-influence lo-fi doom. But then again, who hasn’t been influenced by Tony and co? Well. Maybe Patsy Cline, but let’s not hold that against her. She’s alright! The songs are eclectic, potent and charged with a liquid maniacal edge that easily drew me into its’ shimmering web.

‘Trapped’ is some meaty grind, and a classic opener, although title tune ‘Molt’ does kick things up a notch, touching on a slightly more Detroit-ish kinda riffarama. Across the whole shebang, the playing is tight and effective, with a plethora of chunky riffs and squalling guitars to add flesh to the bones. With Brenna’s roaring vocals, you have the final piece of the puzzle to bind the sound together.

Brenna lured Lightning Born co-conspirator Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity) in to lend a hand on the production of Molt, and the result is thick, fuzzy and with a distinctive primal, lo-fi howl. Throw in some spooky, ethereal tracks like ‘Fog’ and the drum and vox ‘Headhunters’, and you’ve got a cool timewarp back to the ‘70s for your next nude Twister on acid shindig. It’s a whole bunch of fun, and just to keep you on ya toes, got more sides than that Gemini ex who keeps stalking you. Go on, if you try it, you’ll like it!

Crystal Spiders Molt is available now through Ripple Music HERE.
Crystal Spiders: Facebook / Bandcamp // Instagram.

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, Arrowhead, Comacozer. The Crowbar, Sydney. 12-02-2020.

Words El Jefe.
Photos Rod Hunt Photography.

A tropical Wednesday night in Sydney didn’t deter many for the first Sydney show in 20 odd years for Corrosion Of Conformity (as a 4 piece that is!)

There was already a decent crowd for first support Comacozer, who pounded out a set of heavy space doom instrumentals. The guitar is fulla greasy dirt and wah, and the rhythm section supplies some heavyhanded lysergic throbbing. With some big sounds, and a cool vibe, they provided as a pretty neat entrée for the show. Continue reading


Words & Interview El Jefe.

Corrosion Of Conformity have been a heavy rock mainstay for close to 40 years now (albeit whilst going on “hiatus” a couple of times over the course of their existence), starting life in North Carolina as a hardcore band before settling into their Sabbath-fueled grooves and (amidst a variety of line-up changes) cranking out a bunch of excellent LP’s.

2020 sees the band, once more playing as a 4 piece with original members Woody Weatherman (lead guitar – the only constant member of COC), Mike Dean (bass) and Reed Mullin (drums) as well as long-time member Pepper Keenan (rhythm guitar, vocals) who spent some time away from the band but recently rejoined them just in time to record the bands tenth LP, titled No Cross No Crown. Continue reading

LIGHTNING BORN ‘Lightning Born’ LP Review.

Words El Jefe.


I find in my Inbox an LP by Lightning Born. Lightning Born, Lightning Born… Something pings in my memory, and I recall reading about these guys a few months back, and thinking they’d be worth checking out if the opportunity presented itself. Which it has now done.

I’m loath to call Lightning Born a SUPERGROUP, despite being comprised of members of bands of varying degrees of notoriety. But I will say this, there are bands, and there are BANDS. You see them play, and think to yourself “Fuck me, this ain’t just another bunch of dudes fucking around!” There’s something else happening. It’s an elusive element, and you cannot fake it, if it ain’t there, it will never exist. And sometimes it’s just for a short time, and when you blink, it’s gone. But other times it lives forever. I’m not sure which category Lightning Born will find themselves in come Judgment Night, but for the time being, we’ve got a genuine gold-plated motherfucker of an album to latch onto. Continue reading

Corrosion Of Conformity, Wolfpack. The Reverence, Melbourne. 26-07-2014.

Words Jackyboy
Photos Sally Townsend

Last Saturday started like any other since I began working bar. After being fired twice this year from shitty jobs working for shitty people, my brother threw me a bone and put me on as Bartender Extraordinaire in the boozer he’d built out of left over furniture from the last tenants. I’d hit the lights and started ‘my wax on wax off’ routine on the tables when my phone went off. Corrosion of Conformity were playing, and there was a press pass up for grabs if I could get down to The Reverence and cover the story. I was so stoked I nearly barfed!

Hurled through Saturday night city traffic by a taxi, I pondered on what kind of COC would be playing that night. Their first release ‘Eye for an Eye’ was out in 1984, influenced by the rise of American hardcore over the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. You can hear the punky ferociousness of Black Flag and Bad Brains, mixed with the doomy riffs akin to Saint Vitus and Pentagram. The 30 years that followed had been full of triumph and test; hiatus, a line-up change, commercial success, a Grammy Award nomination, another hiatus, and another line-up change. COC’s story has been tumultuous.

Continue reading

Corrosion Of Conformity: Interview with guitarist Woody Weatherman + Tour Details

Interview Sophie Dunsford

Corrosion of Conformity (COC) fans have been waiting for over a decade. Chatting on the phone from the front yard of his home, with a rooster crowing in the background, guitarist Woody Weatherman expresses his enthusiasm about COC’s upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand. “I am extremely excited. Last time we were there was 13 years ago and all I remember was that we had an excellent time, people treated us so well and everybody was so friendly. I remember good beer and good food and great shows. If I can replicate that even by half I’ll be super excited.” He’s eager but slightly anxious about the time spent away. “It’s been so damn long I hope people remember who the hell we are. I guess we’ll find out when we get there.”

When questioned about the name of the band’s most recent release, Weatherman jokes “It’s a very imaginative title, it’s our ninth full studio album so very originally we called it IX. It’ll be easy to name the next one, X.” Their energy was focused on creating the sound they wanted. “We wanted it to be raw and we wanted it to be a very live sounding record. We used our lives rigs, our amps. We set up the mics like we were doing a live show, and had the studio set up like a live stage and just let it rip! We just didn’t want to go for that dry studio sound, we wanted it to be a little over the top. It’s a little raw, maybe even a little too raw for some people but it’s what we were shooting for.”

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Vista Chino + DEAD. 170 Russell. Wed 22-01-2014.

Words Anthony Moore
Photos Matt Allan – Silk Imagery

Vista ChinoI have to say, two of my favourite bands under one roof is a pretty sweet deal for a mid-week gig. Well, admittedly one of them, Vista Chino, is born from the ashes of one of my all-time favourite bands, Kyuss and the other is Melbourne tornado DEAD.

The locals set it up early and came out hard and fast from the getgo. Taking no prisoners, they were absolutely kick arse and it was loud, like really loud! DEAD usually have a huge sound but screaming off the stage at 170 Russell, it was unnervingly massive. I don’t ever wear ear plugs at gigs and had to go and get some and wore them for the entire set. When a band is that loud it’s usually a mess, a wall of sound thrown into a blender and undecipherable, but their sound guy Al O’Neill is a legend at what he does and it was incredible. To add to the awesome, Al got a text from the venue manager telling him to turn it down as people were leaving! You have to love that! Continue reading