THE ANSWER ‘Solas’ Album Review.

Words Mark Ireland.

The album Solas by The Answer is the pinnacle of a tumultuous time for the band. They’d just finished a huge tour of the US and the lead singer Cormac Neeson was in a creative slump, he’d been pushed to the limit, so much so he didn’t think he was able to produce another album.

As well as the creative problems, his wife had just given birth to a boy who had been born prematurely, so this album is a deeply personal journey not only for the band but the audience as well.

The opening track and title song ‘Solas’ has an incredible build, you can imagine the band playing on top of a mountain with no one else around, the swirling echo’s of guitar  entwine the listener into a serpentine state.  Then it drops like a parachute jumper with no chute pure velocity, it is a fantastic opening track. Continue reading


Words and Interview Joel Parnell.

The AnswerIn many ways, rock music today seems to have gone full circle. Compact discs and even downloads are considered uncool and vinyl LP’s once again reign supreme. We’ve seen just about every imaginable sub­genre of rock have its moment in the spotlight and it seems we’re just now coming to the end of the age of ‘Indie’. Though whatever trends come and go you can be sure that there’ll always be a place in people’s hearts for no-bullshit, balls to the wall rock’n’roll and Northern Irish band The Answer are living proof.

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