Corrosion Of Conformity, Wolfpack. The Reverence, Melbourne. 26-07-2014.

Words Jackyboy
Photos Sally Townsend

Last Saturday started like any other since I began working bar. After being fired twice this year from shitty jobs working for shitty people, my brother threw me a bone and put me on as Bartender Extraordinaire in the boozer he’d built out of left over furniture from the last tenants. I’d hit the lights and started ‘my wax on wax off’ routine on the tables when my phone went off. Corrosion of Conformity were playing, and there was a press pass up for grabs if I could get down to The Reverence and cover the story. I was so stoked I nearly barfed!

Hurled through Saturday night city traffic by a taxi, I pondered on what kind of COC would be playing that night. Their first release ‘Eye for an Eye’ was out in 1984, influenced by the rise of American hardcore over the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. You can hear the punky ferociousness of Black Flag and Bad Brains, mixed with the doomy riffs akin to Saint Vitus and Pentagram. The 30 years that followed had been full of triumph and test; hiatus, a line-up change, commercial success, a Grammy Award nomination, another hiatus, and another line-up change. COC’s story has been tumultuous.

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