Tumbleweed, BRUCE!. The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne. 13-11-2014.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia.

Melbourne was lucky enough to have Wollongong legends Tumbleweed down for a long weekend of gigs kicking off with two headline shows with BRUCE! at The Gasometer, Collingwood and heading up River Rocks at The Barwon in Geelong. These are the first out of town gigs since the very sad passing of Weed bassist and much loved Jay Curley. Huge respect and love from all of Melbourne.

BRUCE! kicked off the two band line up with their usual sense of style; black uniforms name tagged with BRUCE!, thick fuzzed out Hulk-like riffs with the strength of ten Iommi’s and kick arse harmonies only outdone by bassist Luke Armstrong’s hoarse growls that would make Nick Oliveri cower in the corner.

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DEAD, Captives, Horsehunter, Hobo Magic, BRUCE!, The Hunted Crows: Kick Arse New Releases!

Words Anthony Moore.

The first time I saw DEAD I was hooked. 2 piece, bass and drums, brutal, attitude, passion, persistence, so much style. These guys are like the soundtrack to the end of the world and hearing them makes me want to join Heaven’s Gate and down a litre of radiator coolant so it can come quicker. Live they are an even bigger untamed beast that blows other bands off the stage. Their punch is 10 fists wide. Get the point? These guys are fuckin good. A previously unreleased DEAD track has just been included on a new compilation, the Rock Is Hell 10th Anniversary 2 x 10″ set. And stay tuned for their new LP, Captains Of Industry, out soon! Continue reading

BRUCE! ‘The EP’ Review

Words Alexandra Ferrier

I tell you, there’s something in the waters of Wollongong. The boys of BRUCE! have headed back to ‘The Womb’, their nifty titled recording studio, to create sweet, sweet Darwin-esq punk rock evolution in the form of their latest release ‘BRUCE! The EP!’

Aptly described as a ‘unit’, the title fits, as BRUCE! deliver a hard hitting EP off the back of their debut self-titled 2012 album ‘BRUCE!’. Their latest offering is mixed by legendary engineer / producer Jonboy Rock (think Hard-Ons and Front End Loader fame, man!) and it’s an EP that, had it human features and body parts, would grab you by the collar, shove a cigarette and beer in your gob and demand: “You have exactly nine minutes and twenty eight seconds to rock the fuck out!” The EP is ruthless and doesn’t give you any chance to be complacent. Nor does it give a shit about any pre conceived notions you may have. You WILL listen to it and you WILL fucking enjoy it…

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Brant Bjork, BRUCE, The Dukes of Deliciousness. The Barwon Club, Geelong. 30-05-2014.

Brant Bjork and Low  Desert Punks Australian Tour poster 2014.Words Anthony Moore
Photos and live footage Adam Russ – Right Eye Media Australia

Let’s break convention and start this piece off with the sound guy Al O’Neill, who takes care of bookings and sound at The Barwon Club in Geelong. He must have a hidden compartment on the desk with secret levels only he has access to. The sound for this gig was by far some of the best I’ve heard in ages, all bands kicked arse! O’Neill should have been listed on the line up as he’s always a draw card at any gig he’s mixing.

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DESERT HIGHWAYS TOP 10 Releases for 2013 & more…

First of all, a massive thanx to all who have supported Desert Highways and to all the bands I have worked with especially The Hidden Venture, Drifter, Don Fernando, Seedy Jeezus and TTTDC. 2013 has been a massive year including the release of the debut Desert Highways 7″ with friends all being a part of its release, Chainsaw Hookers, Electric Frankenstein, Ben Brown and Mr Frumpy.

The below 10 –> 1 list is from my HEAVY Magazine Staff Top 10 Albums for 2013 List, under that I had to add some more as it’s just so hard to narrow things down! Check out the HEAVY link for some more kick arse lists. Some amazing releases amongst them!

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