Words El Jefe.

Women Of Doom. I love the sound of that, and this album showcases some of the outlandish talent that can be found amongst the doom scene. It’s a mixed bag as well, with the artists covering a tonne of ground, stylistically (and not ALL doom; this is just women who, in their day jobs, play doom), but all well worth a listen.

Opening the account is Heavy Temple with a tune called ‘Astral Hand’. It’s got some cool slinky riffs, a grunty bass tone and some soaring vocals. This track, being one of the more structured on WOD was a good choice for an opener.

Amy Tung Barrysmith (Year Of The Cobra) delivers a slow-moving Kate Bush-esque spooky choral doom track. Gentle and melodic, it’s got a very liquid sheen to it. Continue reading

LOWRIDER ‘Refractions’ LP Review.

Words El Jefe.

Swedish stoner rockers Lowrider have returned from purgatory (once again) to deliver us a brand spanking new LP, Refractions, This is just their second full length release, despite the (sporadic) longevity of the band, with the first LP being Ode To Io released back in 2000.

I first crossed paths with Lowrider via the split release they did with Nebula, and with such a solid showing on that record, I’ve often wondered why and how they managed such a disappearing act, but hey, rock’n’roll. Thank fuck it ain’t an exact science!!

The band give it their all with this release, huge drums, guitars feeding back and fuzzy, and a cool collection of tunes all played like it’s the end of the universe. Continue reading