Words Anthony Moore.

Legendary Melbourne band, Dern Rutlidge, are back to play a one-off gig, so I thought I’d throw a few questions in at bassist Jason PC….

Anthony Moore: Dern Rutlidge are back for a one-off show at The Bendigo Hotel,
Melbourne on Sat 1 Feb, what’s taken so long?

Jason PC: We are old and lazy and our drummer has been living in Thailand for the last 10 years or so. He is back for a holiday with his family so we figured it was a good time to get the band back together… for one night at least.

AM: Will this one be the last ever?

JPC: No idea if it will be the last one, we like each other, we like playing together, it’s just not convenient to do very often. We may do something in another few years to reminisce about the old times etc… its just some fun. We are not here to impress kids or “make anime for ourselves”, we are living on past glories for no reason other than we like to play the songs every now and again. Continue reading

Just when you think BLOOD DUSTER are up to something devious… they’re not!

Blood DusterMelbourne grind metal band Blood Duster aren’t usually one’s to hold back from promoting anything for self-gain, though this time it’s different. The passing of Australian rock legend ‘Doc’ Neeson of The Angels has touched everyone. Blood Duster are no different. They’ve posted their own “black metal / death rock” version of the classic ‘Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again’ on Bandcamp as a Name Your Price / Free download. Originally recorded for their infamous KVLT album and kept to be used later as a b-side, it seemed more fitting for the band to post it online for fans to pay what they see fit with all monies being donated to Camp Quality.

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