DINOSAUR JR, Flour. The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne. 21-01-2017.

Words Anthony Moore.
Photos Sally Townsend Photography.

© 2017 - Sally Townsend Photography.Partly because I am a product of the ‘90s music scene and partly because anything J Mascis and co are associated with is awesome, I was psyched to be heading off to Thornbury in Melbourne for the second of two sold out shows at the Croxton Bandroom. Dinosaur Jr are touring their eleventh studio album, 2016’s Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not, and their fourth since reforming in 2005 with the original lineup.

Local band Flour are the only support and opened to a quickly filling room. The guys already had a buzz about them when they first started in 2014 and as time goes by they keep going from strength to strength. However, they did have to start one of their songs again, as guitarist Steve Cohen announced that he was really hung over and stopped at the intro. Flour come from a place of pure unadulterated don’t-give-a-fuck rock’n’roll and for fans, that was no drama, a restart is just part of the show. And the hangover was probably fair enough, his ‘Left of The Dial’ art show with Sydney-sider Ben Brown kicked off the night before (Check it out here!). Continue reading

RANDY REIMANN (Massappeal, Wolf Shield, Tralala Blip) Interview + Clip.

Words Anthony Moore.

Wolf Shield - The ToteIf you’re familiar with punk, hardcore and pub rock from the ‘80s and ‘90s, you’ve surely heard of one of Australia’s greatest bands, Massappeal. They’ve influenced many of todays bands with or without them even knowing it.

Massappeal’s 1986 Album on Sydney’s Waterfront Records, Nobody Likes A Thinker, has become the stuff of legend through it being a solid a release as well as the artwork done by artist Ben Brown.

Since Massappeal broke up, singer and co-founder Randy Reimann has had a few projects including the alt noise pop electro collective, Tralala Blip and now most recently Wolf Shield. This latest project pays homage directly to the passion and memory of his time with Massappeal, the punk sound and way of life. Continue reading

BRUCE! ‘The EP’ Review

Words Alexandra Ferrier

I tell you, there’s something in the waters of Wollongong. The boys of BRUCE! have headed back to ‘The Womb’, their nifty titled recording studio, to create sweet, sweet Darwin-esq punk rock evolution in the form of their latest release ‘BRUCE! The EP!’

Aptly described as a ‘unit’, the title fits, as BRUCE! deliver a hard hitting EP off the back of their debut self-titled 2012 album ‘BRUCE!’. Their latest offering is mixed by legendary engineer / producer Jonboy Rock (think Hard-Ons and Front End Loader fame, man!) and it’s an EP that, had it human features and body parts, would grab you by the collar, shove a cigarette and beer in your gob and demand: “You have exactly nine minutes and twenty eight seconds to rock the fuck out!” The EP is ruthless and doesn’t give you any chance to be complacent. Nor does it give a shit about any pre conceived notions you may have. You WILL listen to it and you WILL fucking enjoy it…

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