AXE GIRL Debut Album Review + Launch Photo Gallery with Hey Lady!. Mojos Bar, Fremantle. 21-11-2014.

Words Dave Mullins.
Photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch.

If I was to say the debut offering from Perth’s Axe Girl is one of the highlights of an underwhelming year in Australian music, I simply wouldn’t be doing it justice. The mix of pop-punk infused bubblegum is an absolute delight that throws me back to the days of Triple J playing awesome Australian punk and rock, before it became the menagerie of indie-electro-pop-folk-vomit that makes me want to jump out of a moving car into oncoming traffic. But that’s another matter.

I think what really works for me is the amount of fun to be had in the music itself. Songs like ‘You’re Not A Ninja’ and ‘Beach (Take Off Your Clothes)’ just rock. Sure, they aren’t a call to arms for civil disobedience nor a statement of virtuosity, but they are an anthem of the Australian summer. I think that making enjoyable music is overlooked in this day and age. Bands get so caught up with image and technicality that good song writing is an afterthought, if even a thought at all. I’m not saying that the band lacks in technicality or image, but it’s clear that making great music is their number one goal. Continue reading

Astor Rocks, Perth with Meat Puppets, Brant Bjork, Hard-Ons and more. 02-06-2014.

Words Sophie Dunsford
Photos Kim Anderson – Shoot The Wicked Witch

Astor Rocks, 2014. Perth.The Astor Theatre is no stranger to live music and the forecast for the evening was cloudy with a chance of rock and roll hysteria. With bands on two stages, fans were sure to get a workout running up and down the stairs to catch their favourite local acts as well as interstate guests Hard-Ons and internationally acclaimed Meat Puppets.

On the main theatre stage, The Painkillers were entertaining a few eager punters who were ready for the long night ahead. Unfazed by the small numbers, the trio performed their songs with confidence and swagger.

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