1000mods ‘Youth Of Dissent’ LP Review.

Words El Jefe.

Greek band 1000mods have been around the traps for a decade and half, give or take a millennium and have achieved some solid success on the back of their formidable live performances and heavy duty stoner rock. So, on the back of this, they have now produced LP #4, Youth Of Dissent.

On face value, it’s a much more “radio friendly” album than the first three releases, although it’s not without their trademark grit, just with a few more “pop” oriented tunes. And I do have to say, some of the uptempo tunes, like ‘Lucid’ and ‘Pearl’ took me straight back to the Sydney of the ’80s and its glory daze of Aussie beer-fueled riff-rock and the plethora of post Radio Birdman and sub Celibate Rifles bands who kept venues packed. Continue reading

1000mods, Filthy Lucre, Kitchen Witch. Crown And Anchor, Adelaide. 11-04-2019.

Words Will Oakeshott.
Photos David Rubinich.

From every perspective of the people involved with this show, there was a strong element of the “unexpected” which had transpired. However, the rare and astonishing characteristic of these surprises were that they all fell under a “positive” outlook. 1000mods managed to tour our fine nation for the first time and that would have probably felt like an impossibility over their career; furthermore, multiple shows sold out at very respectable venues including Adelaide where there was tough competition also playing at other locations on this night. It would seem that the famous Cuban writer José Martí is still very accurate with this quote, even after over 120 years since his unfortunate passing: “Charm is a product of the unexpected”. Continue reading