Hobo Magic (Noosa) :: Label

“I never know what to expect, I never know where they will take me but I know it will be a spiritual journey to the absolute soul of rock and roll…” – Gram Pola – PBS FM.

Hobo Magic © 2015. Matt Allan - Silk Imagery.With a passion for the sacred groove and the vibration of the universe, Hobo Magic‘s music resonates on a level that is beyond this realm. With each song they speak truth about the world today, and with each lyric thoughtfulness is brought upon the listener to think deeper about the world around them. Their passion is never fading and is brought to the stage each time they play and with a hunger to spread the hobo groove into the ears of the world, they ride on…..


Connor Mitchell – Guitar, Vocals.
Jake Bennett – Bass.
Carter Veltmeyer- Drums, Percussion.

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