Desert Highways new retail skatemusic store is opening Saturday 16 July!

The store has an 80s / 90s focus with reissues in skate gear and vinyl, shirts and more, as well as various brands with a unique point of difference, and some other current gear thrown in for good measure.

New designs are now up for pre-order for T-shirts (Mens, Womens, Children) and Hoodies.

The store is located at 715 Plenty Road, Resevoir.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 10:00 – 17:00
Wednesday: 10:00 – 17:00
Thursday: 10:00 – 17:00
Friday: 10:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: CLOSED

TOTE ROCKS 40 – Desert Highways presents the very second edition of Holy Smoke! A mini-fest featuring some of Australia’s best psych, stoner, and fuzz bands at the legendary Tote Hotel! We’re really stoked on this line-up and know it’s going to be a massive night! Presale tickets are available now!

The Neptune Power Federation (NSW) ALBUM LAUNCH!!
Seedy Jeezus
Mountains of Madness (TAS)
Planet of the 8s

Facebook Event // Presale ticket link
Presale tickets – $20 // Door on the night – $25.

Event Partners:
Young Henrys
The Tote Hotel
Desert Highways

Cockroach is an iconic and much loved Australian skate company and we’re stoked they’re back!

Desert Highways is now a proud stockist! PRE-ORDER T-shirts for an approx May 1 delivery.

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Anthrax ‘Mosh It Up’ Resissues from Brand-X!

Mold: single kick, spoon-nose medium concave
Shape: Side-Cut original shape
Dimensions: 10” x 30”
wheelbase: 15.75”
tail: 6.75”
nose: 3”
Hole Pattern: BOTH
Wheel Well: top
Edges: routed
Material: 7-ply, Hardrock Canadian Maple Wood
Hand-done 80s style screen-printed graphics
Decks designed, pressed, printed, finished and shipped from Southern California, USA

Grab one HERE now before they all gone!

Desert Highways is stoked to have a limited number of Tumbleweed 30th Anniversary 7″ Singles Box Sets in stock! Grab one now before they’re sold out!

Each set contains:
– 12 x 7″ singles
– Booklet detailing the history of all the tunes
– T-Shirt
– Housed in a high quality box
– Limited to 500 units!


Seedy Jeezus Skate Decks.
Photos 2021 copyright Anthony Moore.
Taken at Studio One.Be, Melbourne, Monday 5 April 2021.

Deck size:
Length – 32.5” // Width – 8.50” // Nose – 7.25” // W/B – 14.75” // Tail – 6.75”.

Available in limited numbers!
Lex Waterreus – Guitar // Paul Crick – Bass.
Release date: Approx Nov 13, 2021.

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) Skate Deck.
Photo taken 2015 copyright Zo Damage.
Desert Highways / Zo Damage collaboration.

Deck size:
Length – 32.5” // Width – 8.50” // Nose – 7.25” // W/B – 14.75” // Tail – 6.75”.

Available in limited numbers, get in quick!
Original release date: June 1. Delayed – will update with exact date once we have more info.




Limited Edition jigsaw featuring a photo of Mike Patton (Tomahawk) from 2013 by iconic Melbourne photographer Zo Damage.

Limited to 250, each come with a colour A3 poster of the jigsaw, enclosed in a cardboard box.


Filmed on the night of the 22nd of November 2019 at The Tote Hotel, Collingwood, Victoria. Presented by Desert Highways and supported by Seedy Jeezus, Planet of the 8s and Cosa Nostra.

FOH sound and live recording by Anton Dykstra.

Audio mix and video edit by Dan Morassutti.

NUADA ONLINE: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp // Soundcloud.

Saturday 19 September 2020.

Doors would’ve not long opened, as today would’ve been Brewtality 2020 at The Tote & The Bendigo hotels. As we know, there are no gigs in Melbourne. Due to the Covid pandemic, live music unfortunately seems like a distant memory. These bands and others aren’t playing. The venues aren’t selling tickets and drinks. The bar staff aren’t pouring beers. The sound crew aren’t mixing. The cleaners aren’t working their magic. The door people aren’t stamping wrists. The merch team aren’t letting us hold up t-shirts to ourselves to see if they’ll fit. The alcohol companies aren’t restocking the fridges. The kitchen staff aren’t flipping burgers. The artists aren’t designing merch. The merch companies aren’t printing. The photographers aren’t down the front of the stage. The reviewers aren’t taking notes. The poster companies aren’t slapping posters up around town. The bookers aren’t trying to fill last minute cancellations. The owners aren’t getting to put their feet up for a minute with a sigh of relief as that sold out Saturday night just got them through the month. The list goes on.

Please support everyone in music, creative arts, and for that matter any business doing it tough in any way you can. I know everyone is doing it tough in some way. If you can’t make a purchase, please help spread the word, like their page, follow their socials, sign up to their newsletters, like their posts, comment, interact, support.

Below is a list of all the bands that have played Brewtality over the years. I really hope I haven’t left any out. Please support them in any way you can. They need it, the venues need it, the music community as a whole needs it. I can’t tag them all so have included links instead.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for all the messages regarding Brewtality, the attendance, and the support. We’re very disappointed that today there are no bands going nuts on stage and tomorrow there won’t be any ringing ears, but we’re thankful that we’re a part of an incredibly supportive, caring and talented community that is just taking a ‘break’ and will return.

Riffs and love.

Desert Highways / Brewtality.

The venues:

The Bendigo Hotel
The Tote Hotel

The bands:

100YearsWar (VIC) – 2019
Abreact (VIC) – 2013
Abu Ghraib (VIC) – 2019
Alarum (VIC) – 2014
Alkira (SA) – 2015
Ambur (VIC) – 2019
Annihilist (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
Audemia (VIC) – 2013
Barbarion (VIC) – 2014
Battletruk (WA) – 2017
Bench Press (VIC) – 2017
Black Like Vengeance (VIC) – 2016 (Melb, Syd)
Blackhelm (VIC) – 2019
Blood Duster (VIC) – 2017
Bloodnut (NZ) – 2017
Blunt Shovel (VIC) – 2017
Boxthorn (VIC) – 2015
Bronson (VIC) – 2013
Broozer (VIC) – 2015
Buffalo (Revisited) (NSW) – 2017
Bugdust (VIC) – 2014
Bunyip (VIC) – 2019
Captives (TAS) – 2015
Chainsaw Hookers (WA) – 2014
Child (VIC) – 2014
CHUD (ACT) – 2019
Coffin Wolf (VIC) – 2015, 2016 (Melb), 2017, 2019
Colossvs (VIC) – 2016 (Melb, Syd)
Comacozer (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
Cosmic Kahuna (VIC) – 2015, 2017
Daemon Pyre (NSW) – 2016 (Melb)
Damage Zone + special guests from Hellmenn / Massappeal (NSW) – 2017
Darker Half (NSW) – 2014, 2016 (Melb, Syd)
Dark Temple (VIC) – 2019
Dawn (NSW) – 2017
Dead City Ruins (VIC) – 2013, 2014, 2016 (Melb)
Dead Root (VIC) – 2017
DeadYet? (QLD) – 2019
Decimatus (VIC) – 2015, 2016 (Melb)
Desecrator (VIC) – 2013, 2014, 2017
Diprosus (VIC) – 2013
Direblaze (VIC) – 2014, 2015
Don Fernando (VIC) – 2013, 2014
Dreadnaught (VIC) – 2013, 2016 (Melb), 2017
Drifter (VIC) – 2013, 2014, 2015
Duneeater (VIC) – 2017
El Colosso (VIC) – 2019
Electrik Dynamite (VIC) – 2013
Envenomed (VIC) – 2015
Evil Eye (QLD) – 2019
Eye Of The Enemy (VIC) – 2015
Filth Dimension (VIC) – 2019
Fireballs (VIC) – 2016 (Melb, Syd)
Flaming Wreckage (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
Flour (VIC) – 2015
Frankenbok (VIC) – 2013, 2014, 2016 (Melb), 2019
Grim Rhythm (VIC) – 2015
Hadal Maw (VIC) – 2013, 2017
Hailgun (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
Hailmary (WA) – 2014
Hard-Ons (NSW) – 2015
Heaven The Axe (VIC) – 2013, 2015
High Tension (VIC) – 2019
Hobbs Angel Of Death (VIC) – 2015
Hobo Magic (QLD) – 2015, 2016 (Syd), 2017
Holy Serpent (VIC) – 2019
Horsehunter (VIC) – 2015
Hostile Objects (NSW) – 2016 (Melb, Syd)
House of Thumbs (VIC) – 2013
I am Duckeye (VIC) – 2013
I Exist (ACT) – 2019
In Malice’s Wake (VIC) – 2014, 2015
In:Extremis (SA) – 2017
Infiltraitor (SA) – 2013
Internal Nightmare (VIC) – 2013, 2017
Jericco (VIC) – 2014
Join The Amish (VIC) – 2013, 2016 (Melb), 2017
King (VIC) – 2019
King of the North (VIC) – 2013
King Parrot (VIC) – 2013
Kyzer Soze (QLD) – 2016 (Melb)
Levitating Churches (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
Lillye (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
Little Lamb & The Rosemarys (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
Lizzard Wizzard (QLD) – 2014
Lo! (NSW) – 2019
Malcura (VIC) – 2017
Mammoth (SA) – 2019
Mason (VIC) – 2015
Master_Beta (VIC) – 2015
Midnight Creepers (QLD) – 2013
Monarchus (VIC) – 2017
Mote (VIC) – 2019
Motherslug (VIC) – 2014
New Trends (NSW) – 2017
Never (VIC) – 2019
Nothing (VIC) – 2017
Nothing Sacred (VIC) – 2015
Odiusembowel (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
Ohm Rune (WA) – 2016 (Melb)
Orpheus Omega (VIC) – 2013, 2016 (Melb)
Orsome Welles (VIC) – 2014
Pegbucket (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
Pistol Peaches (VIC) – 2019
Prehistoric Douche (VIC) – 2019
Protospasm (VIC) – 2019
Psycroptic (VIC) – 2014, 2019
Quake Machine (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
Rathead (VIC) – 2016 (Melb), 2017, 2019
Ruins (TAS) – 2014
Scaphis (VIC) – 2017
Scar The Surface (VIC) – 2013
Se Bon Ki Ra (SA) – 2014
Seedy Jeezus (VIC) – 2014, 2016 (Melb), 2017
Sexy/Heavy (VIC) – 2014
Shapes Like Rapids (VIC) – 2019
Siberian Hell Sounds (QLD) – 2019
Silverlight Shadows (VIC) – 2017
Slim Jeffries (VIC) – 2019
Slugbucket (VIC) – 2019
Smoke Witch (VIC) – 2017
Southeast Desert Metal (NT) – 2016 (Melb, Syd)
Spacejunk (VIC) – 2015
Stabbitha And The Knifey Wifeys (SA) – 2017
Stay Sharp (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
Suiciety (VIC) – 2015, 2016 (Melb)
Sumeru (NSW) – 2016 (Melb)
Sundr (VIC) – 2017
Swine (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
Tall Relatives (VIC) – 2019
The Archaic Revival (NSW) – 2016 (Melb, Syd), 2017
The Celibate Rifles (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
The Charge (VIC) – 2013, 2016 (Melb, Syd)
The Credits (VIC) – 2019
The Deep End (VIC) – 2013
The Devil Rides Out (WA) – 2016 (Melb, Syd)
The Dukes of Deliciousness (VIC) – 2014
The FckUps (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
The Hazard Circular (VIC) – 2014
The Hidden Venture (VIC) – 2014, 2015, 2016 (Melb, Syd)
The Levitation Hex (ACT) – 2016 (Melb, Syd)
The Mis-Made (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
The Quarters (VIC) – 2017
The Ruiner (VIC) – 2017
The Sleepless (VIC) – 2016 (Melb)
The Ugly Kings (VIC) – 2015
The Underhanded (VIC) – 2014, 2015
The Weight Of Silence (VIC) – 2015
Toehider (VIC) – 2014
Truth Corroded (SA) – 2013, 2015
Vaporized! (NSW) – 2016 (Syd)
Vicious Circle (VIC) – 2017
Weedy Gonzalez (VIC) – 2015 (No links)
Whoretopsy (VIC) – 2014
WitchCliff (WA) – 2019
Witchgrinder (VIC ) – 2013, 2014
Witchskull (ACT) – 2015
Wolfpack (VIC) – 2015
Wounded Pig (SA) – 2019
Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard (VIC) – 2015


Coffin Wolf are Melbourne’s ‘Dead Rock’ underdogs.

Their latest release and debut LP Talk Amongst Yourselves, is the best record that you haven’t heard yet. It marks a milestone in their discography as their most diverse and profound record yet. It flirts with topics such as death, drugs, extreme debt, and an unhealthy love of caffeine.

Talk Amongst Yourselves is out through Desert Highways:

Pre-order: 13 July 2020.
Digital release: 22nd July 2020.
Vinyl release: 21st September 2020.

Vinyl editions.

– 180gm 12” Transparent vinyl with cremation ashes pressed inside – limited to 150.
– 4 page insert.
– Screen print of deceased.
– A3 ‘Live’ fold-out poster, photo by Brook McKeon.
– Screen printed patch.
– Screen printed tote bag.
– Digital download card.

– 180gm 12” Black vinyl – limited to 150.
– 4 page insert.
– A3 ‘Live’ fold-out poster, photo by Brook McKeon.
– Digital download card.

Desert Highways: StoreBandcamp.
Coffin Wolf: Store / Bandcamp.

Lead in track ‘Killing Myself’ is streaming now!


100% FREE 200+ Song Digital Download Compilation!

The ultimate ‘mixtape’ to help get you through Covid-19 isolation.

We wanted to put something out there to share some love at the moment, to give a bit of an escape to everyone in this absolutely bizarre time that we all find ourselves in.

So here it is! A 100% free compilation with 200+ songs! All the tracks have been donated and used with permission. If you dig a song, please check out the band, ‘Like’ their Facebook page, let them know and share the love with others. Please remember after isolation is done, also support the bands by going and seeing them live!

There are songs crossing all sorts of genres including psych, fuzz, stoner, grunge, doom, sludge, punk, hardcore, grind, death, thrash, heavy rock, garage, a few acoustic tracks for good measure, and more.

MASSIVE THANX to all those involved, the bands, publicists, labels, managers, and more! Art by The Art of Fox!


The bandcamp download of the compilation comes with an accompanying PDF that includes a full list of the bands, track info and links. If you’d prefer to stream the release but would like a copy of the PDF, please DOWNLOAD PDF HERE.


The 8th Annual Brewtality Festival will be on Sat 19 September 2020, once again at The Tote and The Bendigo hotel’s. Mark it in your diary, this year is set to be MASSIVE! Please follow Brewtality online to stay up to date.

Brewtality Festival: Facebook // Instagram.

You can also sign up for the Desert Highways Newsetter in this site’s footer.

We have a few spots available, if your band is interested please fill out the submission form HERE.


Philadelphia trance inducing raw heavy psych band, Ectstatic Vision, have released their new album, For The Masses, out through Desert Highways. The LP comes in two different exclusive sleeve and various vinyl colours.

  • 3 x Test Pressing.
  • 1 x White Smoke 180gm vinyl, red variant poster, red variant sleeve, digital download card.
  • 1 x Lilac Smoke 180gm vinyl, red variant poster, red variant sleeve, digital download card.
  • 1 x Orange Smoke 180gm vinyl, red variant poster, red variant sleeve, digital download card.
  • 1 x Dark Rrange Smoke 180gm vinyl, red variant poster, red variant sleeve, digital download card.
  • 5 x Orange Variant 180gm vinyl, red variant poster, red variant sleeve, digital download card.
  • 50 x Blood Splatter (red on transparent) 180gm vinyl in the Deluxe Hell Pack. Includes t-shirt, red variant poster, red variant sleeve, digital download card, in a vinyl cloth bag.
  • 100 x Orange 180gm vinyl – Purple sleeve art, poster, digital download card.
  • 150 Black 180gm vinyl – Purple Sleeve art, poster, digital download card.

ECSTATIC VISION: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // Twitter.


Desert Highways and The Bendigo Hotel are very proud to present the 4th annual A Celebration of Chris Cornell. A night to celebrate the music of the late Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple Of The Dog). His vocal range as well as style was exceptional and second to none. Listed by many as an inspiration, he will continue to be one of the greatest vocalists to have ever been.The night is on at The Bendigo Hotel on Sat 23 May with a stellar lineup of local musicians to celebrate just what he meant to us all and continue to raise a glass in appreciation of the legacy he’s left behind. 100% of all money raised on the night will be proudly supporting beyondblue.

The 2017, 2018 and 2019 events were a great success, many thanx to all those involved and those that attended. We’re very much looking forward to doing it again for such a great cause.

The night will feature songs from throughout Cornell’s career including from his various bands to his solo work. Those musicians involved will be announced very soon.

We also have a selection of incredibly talented artists who are donating work to be sold / raffled and auctioned.

Presale Tickets:

Facebook Event

If you’re unable to make the gig, please feel free to donate though this page. 100% of proceeds proudly supporting beyondblue.

Youtube link to a clip from the 2017 event. Check it out! Massive thanx to Adam Russ from Right Eye Media Australia for putting this together!

Event partners:
beyondblue, Desert Highways, Young Henrys, Goatsound, Zenith Records, Plakkit, Northside Merch, Rad Stickers, High Strung Guitars, Three Phase Rehearsal Studios and Bendigo Hotel.


The debut LP from Melbourne’s NUADABeneath The Swamp is available now (released on October 1). The release is limited to 300 units pressed (100 x black, 100 x red, 100 x Swamp Sludge Splatter) with each containing 180gm vinyl, A3 poster (photo Stephen Boxshall) and digital download code.