UFOMAMMUT, MONOLORD, Comacozer. The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney. 07-10-2016.

Words El Jefe.
Photos Rod Hunt.

Friday night in Sydney and the early signs that summer had begun to rear its hot little head had just appeared on the horizon. Warmish, a bit humid, no need for a jacket any more. I took a slow walk to the bus stop, drank a beer on the way and headed to the ‘Hag.

I arrived, grabbed a beer and hit the band room to check out Comacozer. Some hot’n’heavy, bludgeoning riffs were being marched out by the instrumental trio. Screaming guitar licks and a bass player who was doing a great trade in fuzz bass. Some seriously bone-jarring tones were being wrenched from his bass. Their psyche-doom was pretty neat, but ultimately, I think having a vocalist could have helped their cause. Continue reading

MONOLORD ‘Vænir’ Album Review.

Words Dave Mullins.

Forming in 2010 in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, Monolord have quickly gained notoriety as one of the heaviest doom acts in the world. Their first album Empress Rising dropped in 2014 and they’ve quickly followed that up with Vænir, a new album which is being released on 28/5/2015.

From the first few notes the tone of the record is clear; morose, threatening and bleak. It’s quite an amazing thing, it has the magnitude of an ocean and the foreboding of storm clouds, I find myself in awe of its scope. The band has managed to find an incredible amount of depth in their sound, every song painting a mural, a massive soundscape that seems to go on forever. Vocalist Thomas Jäger uses his voice sparingly, and sits it quite far back in the mix, it’s an interesting effect, if the guitars and drums are creating a wall of noise then his voice sits behind it, sort of peering over the horizon forcing us to reach out to it.

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