2016 TOP 10 RELEASES! Desert Highways staff + special guests from Orange Goblin, Monolord, Pagan / Little Lamb & The Rosemary’s!!

Words Anthony Moore.

There were some amazing releases that come out in 2016, and as with every year, I start out with the best of intentions keeping a list of my favourites as they hit, only to let it fall by the wayside by about March. Yeah I know, it doesn’t last long! So undoubtedly I will forgot lots of great releases from 2016. There’s been the talked about releases like Metallica’s Hardwired… To Self Destruct (which for me has been quite a disappointment, some moments of clarity and power but as whole, it wasn’t the driving force I was hoping for), then there’s been some that have come out of left field that have really thrown me for six and impressed me quite a lot, like Electric Magus Olympus Noms, which is Raul Sanchez (Magic Dirt, River Of Snakes, Midnight Woolf) latest offering through Wild Animals Records. Like with John Frusciante’s solo albums, some sound quite unique and very different to his work with Red Hot Chili Peppers (which is an awesome thing these days!) yet his style and soul still comes through in various ways. Electric Magus is like this for Sanchez compared to his ‘usual’ guitar driven work. It’s totally different yet still somehow connects with me for the same reasons.

I still listen to loads of releases from all around the world, but more and more as time goes on I find myself mainly listening to local bands. Possibly for a few reasons, I like to support local muso’s and friends, it’s possible to see them more live which in turn gets us more stoked on listening back to a band later, and maybe most importantly, there are just so many fuckin incredible bands in Melbourne and throughout Australia that there’s not enough time to sometimes reach out further. Continue reading

BREWTALITY SYDNEY – Part 2: Black Like Vengeance, The Levitation Hex, Hobo Magic, Darker Half, Hostile Objects, Southeast Desert Metal, Fireballs, The Celibate Rifles. The Factory Theatre, Sydney. 13-08-2016.

Photos Brendan Delavere – Gaslight Photography.

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BREWTALITY SYDNEY – Part 1: The Mis-Made, Vaporized!, The Archaic Revival, Flaming Wrekage, The Hidden Venture, The Devil Rides Out, Lillye, Collosvs, Comacozer. The Factory Theatre, Sydney. 13-08-2016.

Photos Brendan Delavere – Gaslight Photography.

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BREWTALITY MELBOURNE – Part 1: Coffin Wolf, The Devil Rides Out, Hostile Objects, Frankenbok, Seedy Jeezus. The Tote Hotel, Melbourne. 06-08-2016.

Photos Matt Allan Photos.

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BREWTALITY 2014. The Tote & The Bendigo Hotel’s. 02-08-2014. Part 2.

Words Alexandra Ferrier
Photos Matt Allan – Silk Imagery

It was that time of year when music lovers congregated yet again to share, support and spread their love of all things metal and rock, as well as dapple in the likes of chilli chocolate beer. Events such as Brewtality still frequent Melbourne, the city built on rock and roll. And the turn out and appreciation from punters for these kind of events will never fail to astound me. The mini metal festival, complete with a mental lineup, included the likes of local legends Bugdust, Dead City Ruins, Don Fernando and Frankenbok, as well as brothers from other mothers Lizzard Wizzard and Chainsaw Hookers. Running between The Bendigo Hotel and The Tote, the setting was perfect for a day and night of debauchery, for where else to have such an event than two bars equally notorious as the bands they housed.

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Chainsaw Hookers, Dead City Ruins instore at Eureka Rebellion Trading, Melbourne. 03-08-2014.

Photos Sally Townsend
Words Anthony Moore

10462616_876155769063083_7798888864605106230_nWhat an awesome finish to a massive weekend! Perth’s Chainsaw Hookers hit Melbourne for three days of kick arse blood rock!

Friday 01 at The Evelyn with Dukes Of Deliciousness, Seedy Jeezus, Drifter and Australian Kingswood Factory.

Saturday 02 at The Tote Hotel for Brewtality 2014 festival. 33 bands, 3 stages at The Tote and The Bendigo Hotels.

Sunday 03 at Eureka Rebellion Trading with Dead City Ruins! ERT is a tattoo, music, clothing and barber shop. One of the coolest places around and owner Tony Allayialis does a lot to support music by having instore signings and live sets. Big shout out to Tony and the ERT team as well as Sailor Jerry and The Music who sponsored the day!

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BREWTALITY 2014. The Tote & The Bendigo Hotel’s. 02-08-2014. Part 1.

Photos Daniel Oh – Criminal Indifference

33 bands
3 stages
2 venues

Proudly sponsored by The Good Brew Co, HEAVY Mag and Desert Highways…

Thank you to all who attended, volunteered, worked, drank, laughed, and went a little crazy! It was a great success and sold out! Please check out Part 1 of our posts below, a photo gallery from Daniel Oh.

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CHAINSAW HOOKERS Pozible Campaign for new album!

CHPerth blood rockers Chainsaw Hookers have started a Pozible campaign to fund their unnatural addiction for female hygiene products as well as their new album. Desert Highways is very proud to have been able to have these guys on our debut release, a split 7″ that also included US legends Electric Frankenstein (a few left in store here). We love this band and think everyone should be involved in getting behind the funding of their next full length project. Continue reading

DESERT HIGHWAYS TOP 10 Releases for 2013 & more…

First of all, a massive thanx to all who have supported Desert Highways and to all the bands I have worked with especially The Hidden Venture, Drifter, Don Fernando, Seedy Jeezus and TTTDC. 2013 has been a massive year including the release of the debut Desert Highways 7″ with friends all being a part of its release, Chainsaw Hookers, Electric Frankenstein, Ben Brown and Mr Frumpy.

The below 10 –> 1 list is from my HEAVY Magazine Staff Top 10 Albums for 2013 List, under that I had to add some more as it’s just so hard to narrow things down! Check out the HEAVY link for some more kick arse lists. Some amazing releases amongst them!

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GRINDHOUSE, Two Headed Dog, Long Holiday, The Underhanded COMING UP at The Bendigo Hotel!

grindhouse_bendigo_6jan2014DESERT HIGHWAYS & SINGING BIRD STUDIOS present:

The sexually misguided outlaws of garage punk, Grindhouse, are back and ready to corrupt The Bendigo on Friday 3rd January! They’ve been smashin bottles and breakin hearts from Freddie’s fowl house to Frankston Mall. Grindhouse are joined by hard blues psych rockers Two Headed Dog, alternative ‘90s grungers Long Holiday and grunge stoners The Underhanded. The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood.

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